Oct 14
Superman Syndrome

Do You Suffer from Small Business Superman Syndrome?

It’s the age of the superhero in popular culture. There are the Avengers and Spider-Man dominating the big screen. Even critically skewered productions like Suicide Squad rake in the big bucks. On TV, it’s a daily dose of Flash, Supergirl and so many more on the way. Superheroes are big business.

However, you may be surprised to know that small businesses got a head start on the superhero craze. Specifically, the small business owner a.k.a. Superman. No, I don’t mean he’s faster than a speeding bullet and can leap tall buildings in a single bound. It’s more like the nagging need for the small business owner to do everything, know everything, and save the day every single time.

Do you have the small business Superman syndrome? It’s what happens when you think you can do it all yourself. If these scenarios sound familiar to you, then I’m afraid you’re suffering from this terrible affliction:

  • You update your own website
  • You handle customer service calls
  • You enjoy doing administration work
  • You write content for your company Facebook page
  • You play many roles: HR manager, marketing head, tech support, etc.

If your goal is to work yourself to an early grave, keep going! But if you’d rather have a thriving business with some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your situation.

How things got to be this way is perfectly understandable. In the beginning, you frequently had to don your do-it-all costume while building the business. So now you find it challenging to let go of the hero mantle. However, the fact is you only have so many hours in a day—you can’t be everywhere to everyone every time. In order to grow and expand, you need to structure the business with systems and accountabilities that don’t require your 100% involvement.

At some point, Apple had to be more than just the two Steves (Jobs and Wozniak). Richard Branson is undoubtedly the man in charge at Virgin, but how much of that company is operating autonomously?

“Sure,” you can say, “with the size of these organizations, of course, they’re bigger than the founder”… but which came first? The willingness to delegate, structure, and hire the right talent or the business just became too big so minions were added while the owner continued to do all of the heavy liftings?

As much as we like to think of these giants of business as a type of superhero, they’re just regular human beings with a good understanding of how to build talent around them with the right structure for growth and accountability. So what do you need in your small business in order for you to be able to step away while it runs as smoothly as possible without your constant presence?

Here at Remote Staff, we assist small business owners like yourself by taking care of everything that doesn’t have anything to do with growing your business: we’ll surround you with top-notch remote talent, and handle your team’s requirements: administrative work, monitoring, HR and payroll. All you have to do is manage your remote team, run your business, and focus on growth activities.

Superheroes are fun to watch and read about… but they’re not real. So don’t try to be one. Your health, your family, and your business will suffer if you do. If you want to continue giving value to your clients, then stop trying to do it by your lonesome. Click on the button and let us help.

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