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Designing a Post-Pandemic Professional and Personal Reality

Designing a Post-Pandemic Professional and Personal Reality

The global pandemic caught us all off guard. Who would have thought that a virus could lock down the modern world? We sure didn’t.

In an unprecedented move, national governments issued travel bans, imposed border closures, and advised home quarantine measures to curb the increasing infection rates. Due to major restrictions in movement, millions of businesses around the world struggled.

Many of the world’s airlines have already declared bankruptcy. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) experienced devastating losses. Even huge fashion brands like Zara took a hit and resorted to closing down 1200 physical retail stores.

The adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are undeniable. Yet there is a silver lining.

Every calamity brings an opportunity, and quite a few SME’s seized upon this. Many turned to digital platforms and created impressive and innovative marketing strategies in the process.

Take the Interactive Museum of Economics (MIDE), for instance. Since people couldn’t visit, it transformed its strategy and focused on the digital public. This changed the game and extended its reach beyond Mexican borders.

You can also draw inspiration from this to redesign your professional and personal reality post-pandemic. According to Silvia Singer, general director of MIDE, you can start reinventing yourself (and your business) through this simple model:

Identify a clear objective.

Identify a clear objective

Knowing what you want will help you determine your direction, especially amidst so much uncertainty. Whether you want to start a new business entirely or expand your existing one, the first step is to clarify what you’re after.

What kind of business do you want to establish? How many employees can you afford to pay? Will you rent a main office or operate 100% remotely?

Having a definite plan will help you formulate better solutions and alternatives in case you encounter roadblocks. A definitive purpose also allows for more innovative strategies since you will have an end in mind. Hence, be clear with what you want to achieve and identify the means to get it.

Write down your alternatives.


Be honest about your options. Goals are important but so are realistic plans for achieving them.

However, you can employ different strategies to achieve one goal. Your business will thrive if you’re open-minded and adaptable enough to make necessary changes within and outside your organisation.

At the end of the day, alternatives will lessen your risks and give you more peace of mind. Focus on your plans but be flexible with your methods.

Know yourself (and your business) inside and out.


Knowing your strengths and weaknesses as a person makes it easier to create plans that maximise the former and to compensate for the latter. Furthermore, doing the same for your business will help you prioritise the right courses of action should there be a conflict.

An informed decision is crucial in any business endeavour. Before you implement any new strategies, review your methods and alternatives. Check loopholes and identify possible issues as well before taking action.

Commit to your decision and take action.


When you have already identified your goals, chosen your alternatives, and gathered information, you can take action.

Decisive leaders create successful businesses. Be firm about what you want to achieve and then commit to it. Once you have reviewed all the relevant data and necessary methods, don’t delay implementing.

Flip-flopping can result in costly delays. So, once you decide on a game plan, stick to it unless it clearly fails to achieve your objectives.

The world has changed a great deal and the only way forward is to adapt accordingly. Whether it’s remodeling your business or creating a new marketing strategy, we have a diverse talent pool that can help you out.

Remote Staff has been connecting AU SME’s and entrepreneurs with top Filipino remote staff for more than a decade. Whatever you need for developing your new professional and personal reality, we may already have the right person lined up for you.

Call us today or schedule a callback and help us help you create a new reality.

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