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Beyond The Office- Defining The New Workplace

Beyond The Office: Defining The New Workplace

When we ask people about where they work, the usual answer references a place. It can be an iconic building, a buzzing business district, or even a developed country. The answers may vary, but they all pertain to one thing: a physical location.

However, as we have all witnessed and experienced firsthand, work as we know it in the new normal has changed tremendously. For one, the workplace is no longer confined to a specific and single location. A lot of us can now work from virtually anywhere.

So, now one question remains. Without a fixed office location, what defines a workplace?


What Your Office Says About Your Company


You can tell a lot about a company just by observing their receiving area. Posh and spacious reception areas can have a great impact on interested applicants. They can indicate a certain level of prestige that comes with a job in the said company, but there are other advantages that come with a physical space too.

Traditional workplaces utilise cubicles and designate coveted corner offices that bestow status as well as a private space upon their inhabitants. On the other hand, organisations with flatter hierarchies prefer to use open spaces and creative hubs to stimulate open collaboration.

Why is this important? First, the prevailing set-up already indicates a company’s priorities. Secondly, it subtly advertises values that attract individuals adhering to the same.

But what if these spaces are no longer available? How can you attract and retain talented candidates who share the same values with virtual space alone? Let’s take a look.

Making Your Company Stand Out In A Virtual Space

Making Your Company Stand Out In A Virtual Space

To be clear, your office or physical location doesn’t define your company. It’s also a lot more than the products or services you offer or even the people on your team. Employees come and go. Products and services also change over time.

What truly defines a company are its values, mission, and purpose. Most businesses have at least one of these, while the most enduring ones have all three. If you’re unsure about yours, it’s high time to craft them.

Your values, mission, and purpose for your business can serve as a formidable grounding force. They can help guide your decisions in tough times and help your business stay the course.

Thus, whether your product offerings change, your most valued employees resign or retire, or your location changes, your business’ core principles will remain intact. And you can always use that as a foundation to bounce back and rebuild something even better.

The Power of Everyday Behaviour

The Power of Everyday Behaviour

Every company culture has its own set of unwritten rules. For some organisations, speed is king. The sooner employees get things done, the more valued they become.

For others, it’s about inclusivity. In these companies, managers take time to listen to dissenting voices – even if they don’t necessarily share the same values. Facilitated properly, such discussions can lead to productive collaborations.

These repeated behaviours prove that what you prioritise (consciously or not) will determine what sort of business your company will grow into. So, if you value excellence, make sure your actions and decisions reflect that – so that your employees will have no doubt as to what sort of behaviour gets rewarded.


Despite its name, the workplace is more than just a space. In the post-pandemic era, it pertains to the people, values, and behaviours that make up a company.

The point is, you can still cultivate a productive and successful workplace culture even if your remote employees are located in different parts of the world. Thanks to technology, you can expand your business – even if you don’t return to the office anymore.

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