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6 Compelling Reasons You Should Hire Quantity Surveyors to Save Money

Excited to start a construction project? You may have a picture of your building in your mind already. You probably even have architects, engineers, and designers to choose from. But most forget one key role to hire. 

Here’s why you need to hire quantity surveyors for your team. 



What Does a Quantity Surveyor Do?

Quantity surveyors are experts at managing construction costs. They charge roughly 0.5% to 2% of contract costs to help reduce the complexity of planning your project expenses.

Isn’t it a little expensive? Why not budget the costs yourself? Well, it’s easier said than done. 

As the saying goes, hiring quantity surveyors pay for themselves with all the cost savings. How? Here are 6 compelling reasons you should hire quantity surveyors to save money.


Experts in Cost Estimations

Experts in Cost Estimations

Ever wondered how much your dream home or commercial structure costs?  It would highly depend on the design, materials, and labour costs. So, just go with how much money you can spend, as some may say.

But there are countless instances where builders underestimated the cost of their projects. There might be unplanned costs like demolition, building laws and permits, and changes in material costs. 

Not to mention, some suppliers might overcharge you or offer cheaper subpar materials that will cause you problems in the long run.

Your quantity surveyor can help you with this dilemma.

Quantity surveyors are experts in cost estimations and measurements. With their background, they can tell how reasonable the prices of the materials are based on their quality. 

Depending on your specifications, they can provide a realistic estimate from the onset and protect you from possible overspending during the construction of your project.  



Protects You by Checking Your Contracts

Throughout your project, you will be working with different suppliers and builders for its construction. And contracts surrounding them can be pretty tricky. 

Your quantity surveyor has the expert knowledge to validate the contracts and examine work-in-progress payments and expectations based on them. 

They can also understand deviations from the original contract and their possible implications for you.

With them, you are protected financially from defective work and unscrupulous suppliers that might cost you thousands if left unchecked.



Managing Actual Costs and Budgeting

Your cost estimates might be different from the actual costs during construction. That’s why quantity surveyors can manage and budget for what’s needed at the moment.

There will be fluctuations in the prices of materials and labour costs. Your trusted quantity surveyor can recommend a plan of action and approve costs that are fair. 

They can also prepare your bill of quantities for the needed materials to approve beneficial quotations from suppliers. 


Expertise in Materials

Expertise in Materials

Some owners might think they had a bargain buying materials for their projects. But later on, problems arise because of these cheap materials used. 

Repairs can cost thousands of dollars. Some accidents might even occur with subpar supplies.

Not all cheap materials lack quality. But how do you know if you’re getting a good deal? 

Your quantity surveyor is very much knowledgeable about the materials used in construction. They know if what you’re procuring is a bargain. Or a dud. 



Negotiate For You

Sometimes, you just want to lower your costs and still get the same quality of materials. Well, your quantity surveyor can negotiate for you. 

Most quantity surveyors have the connections to get the best deals for your business. And have the negotiation skills to lower your material costs without sacrificing quality as well when dealing with new suppliers. 



Minimal Room for Error

In construction, a lot of things can go wrong. And these mistakes can cost money. A quantity surveyor can provide a plan that accurately considers your specifications and budget to avoid this.

If you’re looking for the best Filipino quantity surveyors, you can view our candidates for your specific needs.

Feel free to call us or schedule a callback if you have some inquiries. Cheers!

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