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5 Ways To Crack Employee Recognition

It is important to reward employees for a job well done, whether they are office-based, or home-based staff. Recognizing top-performing employees will not only make them feel appreciated, but it will also surely encourage them to further improve their performance. People thrive off positive reinforcements, and showing your staff that their work DOES matter, goes a long way in increasing employee morale.

However, due to our busy schedules and everything that’s going on with our business, we sometimes tend to forget to show our staff the due recognition and appreciation that they deserve for all their hard work. This occurs every so often, even when your staff delivers excellent work, and even when your team functions much like a well-oiled machine.

A study by the global analytics and advice firm, Gallup showed that “employees who don’t feel like they’re recognized for their work are twice as likely to say they will quit their jobs in the next year”. Furthermore, the 2016 ADP Employee Engagement Study—published by the global cloud-based human capital management solutions firm, ADP—found that “three out of five employees are more likely to stay with a company that…[recognizes] employee performance.”

Organizations that employ a solid strategy in recognizing worthy team members, enjoy the stronger engagement and show an increase in employee morale. These organizations also revel in better customer service and lower turnover rates. Acknowledging your staff’s achievements can show serious ROI – with up to 50% higher productivity, and as much as a 20% increase in business outcomes.

Easy-peasy, right? But, it is not as simple as it seems, especially when you have an employee that works remotely. Finding the right employee recognition program in a virtual staffing landscape may be time-consuming or energy-draining; as efforts seem to be doubled due to distance and cultural gaps. As a way to address these gaps, and in order to have the right recognition program in place best suited for your needs, it is highly encouraged that for an employer to get a deeper understanding of the definition of employee recognition and how to go about it.

We have here 5 basic ways that can help optimize your employee recognition efforts, that are suitable for a wide range of locations and culture:

1. Say Thanks

Regularly acknowledge employees’ great work verbally. Point out how their efforts will help the company, or your clients and customers.

2. Publicize achievements

Feature outstanding employees in the company newsletter or recognize them during a staff or town hall meeting.

3. Spread the word

Share a message sent by a customer or client lauding the work of a fellow staff member.

4. Encourage professional development

Compensate staff for involvement in industry associations and conferences. Give them subscriptions to work-related publications.

5. Award them

Put a spotlight on your staff for external or internal accolades, such as an employee of the month. Company awards may come with desirable prizes such as a free internet subscription for a certain number of months.

So here’s some key takeaway. The perfect formula for employee recognition is to: Make it personal, relevant, timely…and most of all, give it some heart. Since you’ve gone through these top 5 tips/ideas, we know you can come up with the perfect plan suitable for your very own company culture.

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