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5 Ways On How To Encourage Employee Engagements

Worker productivity is essential if you want your business to thrive. Without the presence of engaged employees, the business status could be at stake and might not be able to achieve its developmental goals. According to a study, new researches have shown that an individual can be happy at work or satisfied with their jobs but not necessarily do any meaningful work. Many organizations suffer low engagements. It seems like engaged employees are rare these days. It’s odd, considering the fact that the Philippines is rich in human resources.

How will managers everywhere be able to deal with this productivity problem? In order to achieve happy and engaged employees, here are 5 Ways To Encourage Employee Engagements:

1. Encourage employees to ask questions.

Let them speak up! Explain how speaking up may not be as easy as it seems, but it makes a world of a difference when they do! Encourage them to participate in discussions and ask relevant questions. It is important to make sure that your employees are asking questions because you’ll be able to know that they’re paying attention. This is also for you to keep track of their progress at work.

There might be missed opportunities of solving their problems if they do not feel confident in asking questions and speaking their minds. Make sure to make them feel that their concerns matter and have patience in answering them. They might be holding back because they find you intimidating. Make them feel comfortable to interact with you by appreciating the questions they ask and making an effort to mentor them.

2. Let them have consultations with you

You’re not only managing them and setting up tasks for them to do, you should also be there to guide and mentor them. This will enable you to build a harmonious relationship with your employees. If you teach them your ways and share your wisdom, they’ll learn how to do things that will fit your standards.

It would be advisable if you make time for consultations with your employees because you get to take a look at problems and fix it them as soon as possible and ensure that nobody is being left behind.

3. Encourage your employees to work as a team

No business will ever succeed without the power of collaboration or working together. Working as a team makes the business continuously develop because it requires two and more brains to come up with solutions and ideas for improvement. Focus on your employees’ team efforts because, apparently, employees who usually prefer to work alone have lower engagements and lower work performance. It is important that they get to share their thoughts so that others could insert additional ideas. Acknowledging them when they contribute will make them feel accomplished and, eventually, improve employee engagements

4. Prioritize your employees’ health and wellness

There is no doubt, that working can be tiring. Some people might think people working in an office is a piece of cake. They think all they do is just sit there for hours in an office chair, when in fact, sitting in an office chair for hours is not an advisable regular exercise routine! There is a tendency that your employees will not be able to pay attention to their health. This is where you come into play and encourage your employees to prioritize their wellness. You have to make sure that your employees are doing well at all times.

All good and engaged employees have to have a healthy mind and body. Just like any other profession, one’s wellness should be the number one priority. Employees that are healthy physically and mentally are proven to be more efficient and engaged.

5. Let them shine!

Everyone wants an opportunity to be appreciated and shine! Let your employees do what they do best and give them an opportunity to prove themselves. If you let them focus on doing the things they’re good at, they will pay more attention to finishing their tasks. Assigning them with random tasks that may not be considered their forte, will have a negative impact on them and will lead to lower work performance.

Focusing on tasks that an employee is not good at, requires them to relearn everything. This will keep them from catching up and finishing their assigned tasks on time. Let them focus on things they’re good at. It will not only benefit the company, but it will also enable them to be more focused and engaged.

You don’t need money to make your employees perform well at work. Rewards and bonuses are good, but make sure they’re getting all the help that they need. You can encourage them to perform well, just by doing the simplest gestures that you make. They’ll be fired up to do excellent work, and before you know it, your employee engagements will be through the roof!

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