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Three Unique Ways to Show Appreciation for Remote Employees

Three Unique Ways to Show Appreciation for Remote Employees

A bit of gratitude and appreciation goes a long way. This is especially true when you’re managing organisations.

Running a company involves working with clients, customers, and team members every single day. And the pandemic has made it even more challenging to keep morale up. It’s not like you can pat your employees on the back whenever they do a good job. Nor can you extend a firm handshake to congratulate everyone on the team after a successful product launch.

But hey, here’s a bit of good news. There are other ways to show employee appreciation that will just be as well received, especially when you work with a remote team.

So, in case you’re running out of ideas, here are a few things your remote employees might appreciate, should they prove deserving of such:


Time Off


You don’t always have to express your appreciation through financial rewards, especially if you don’t have the budget. Sometimes, your remote workers just need a breather after a job well done.

For example, why not give your remote workers a few days of paid leave after successfully launching your new social media campaign? Sure, they can’t exactly travel right now, but hardworking remote workers will always appreciate more quality time with their loved ones -without worrying about deductions from their paycheck.

While you’re at it, give yourself this gift too. Reward yourself with a day off or two whenever you accomplish significant goals. Remember, rest is also critical to achieving your maximum potential.

Choices That Matter

Choices That Matter

It’s very rare for employees to be given a choice in matters that affect them. Traditionally, they have to jump through a lot of hoops just to get approval for salary increases or paid leaves. Don’t get me wrong. These things should still be solely within your purview, but it won’t hurt to give your workers more say in certain areas.

Instead of congratulatory cards or email recognitions, why not ask your employees about how they would want to be rewarded? Not only will this enable you to give the right rewards for each team member, but you’ll also make them feel seen and heard. And for some employees, this will mean a lot more than the typical handshake, digital or otherwise.

So the next time someone does well on your team, give them options for their well-deserved reward. These don’t have to be expensive at all. The important thing is that they get to choose.



Modern employees are proactive and hungry for learning opportunities, particularly young professionals eager to hone their skills and talents. And it’s in your best interest to help them do just that. Come on, who wouldn’t want to have intelligent and innovative professionals on their team?

Best of all, lots of Filipino remote workers will be more than grateful for the opportunity to upgrade their skills. This will make them even more likely to stay loyal to you as well.

Thus, providing the right employees with access to learning platforms like Coursera can count just as much as the usual monetary rewards. Sure, a cup of coffee from Starbucks and a gift card from Amazon are great. However, for some people, nothing beats learning from the world’s greatest mentors – especially when they’re sponsored by their employers in doing so.


Showing gratitude and appreciation for your remote employees isn’t just a matter of principle. It’s also great for the well-being of your teams. If you take care of your people, they will also take care of your business.

Remote Staff has been helping AU SMEs and entrepreneurs scale their businesses with skilled remote workers from the Philippines. We also help with onboarding so you can focus on equally important matters – such as programs that improve employee engagement.

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