Nov 10

Less is More: 5 Things to Subtract From Your Processes for More Productivity in Your Business

Do you want more productivity for your business? Are you looking to add more tasks to be more productive? 

But a heavier workload doesn’t necessarily mean more results. Less is more, as some may say. And here are 5 things to subtract from your processes for more productivity in your business.



Practice the Pareto Principle

As the owner, you are responsible for the results of your operations. But even so, you don’t have to do everything. 

Given the limited time, you should practice the Pareto Principle. This states that 80% of the results are determined by 20% of the input. 

Focus on the top 20% of the tasks that will generate the most results in your to-do lists. And decide which of the 80% will you delegate (or completely remove) from your workflow.



Check for Redundancy in your Employees’ Workflow 

You can apply the Pareto principle to your company’s processes as well. So what do you change? Ask your employees about what they consider redundant in their workflow.

Be open to their comments. It might be an outdated system or overlapping processes. With technology today, you can skip some of these steps — or even automate them. 

For example, let’s say your employees are still writing customer receipts by hand- even with printed ones available. Are the handwritten ones still necessary in this case? I don’t think so.


Avoid Collaborative Overload

Avoid Collaborative Overload

We want our employees to collaborate to produce great results for the business. But it’s not always ideal. Many teams experience collaborative overload.

This is when too many team members work together on a task. With this, there’s a duplication of effort where multiple people are working on the exact same task. 

This is a great distraction to your team’s productivity and reduces efficiency. Sometimes, it results in team members barely having enough time to focus on their main job.

According to a study, collaborative overload can consume up to 85% of an employee’s work week. Imagine the productivity losses. 

So it’s best to assign collaborative tasks only to key people to avoid redundancies in the project.



Cut Meeting Times

How many meetings do you need for a resolution? Some companies spend too much time on meetings. They’re even having meetings to schedule their next meetings! 

Some meetings can just be email updates. Some can be reduced to 15 minutes instead of 60. 

Here’s another great idea. 

Allow people to ask why they’re included in the meeting. Some don’t have a choice, but you can allow the rest to question if their presence will be necessary. Make sure that those who don’t need to be there can opt out.



Limit People Involved in the Hiring Process

Sometimes, hiring new staff can entail excessive administrative work. Ever heard of too many decision-makers for approving one hire? Well, that number can be reduced.

List all the people working closely with the role in question. From there, involve only the key people working directly with the new hire. This way, you can reduce the red tape. 

Or better yet, you can outsource the hiring process to a dedicated company.

Here at Remote Staff, we supply highly-qualified Filipino talents who are perfect for different roles in your business. You can view our candidates and choose the ones best suited to your needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us or schedule a callback for inquiries. Cheers to a thriving business!

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