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7 Reasons Why the Philippines is a Top Destination for Outsourced Talent

7 Reasons Why the Philippines is a Top Destination for Outsourced Talent

Outsourcing for the first time?

Great! You’re about to discover a cost-effective way to grow your business and gain access to specialized expertise beyond your geographical location.

However, with such a vast talent pool, where should you start looking for skilled remote contractors first?

When it comes to quality remote workers, you won’t find a better outsourcing destination than the Philippines.

Don’t believe me? Here are some reasons why many Australian SMEs are outsourcing to the Philippines.

Highly-Educated Workforce

The Philippines boasts a vast pool of highly educated and skilled professionals thanks to its educational system.

The country produces thousands of graduates proficient in fields like Information Technology (IT), Engineering, Customer Service, and Accounting yearly.

For instance, if you need help this accounting season, why don’t you outsource your accounting needs to Filipino remote workers?

Many institutions in the Philippines also offer specialized training programs and certifications, so Filipino professionals can further hone their skills or learn new ones.

English Proficiency

Aside from being highly skilled, another advantage Filipino remote workers have over their competitors is their English fluency.  This, alongside their neutral accents, greatly reduces any communication barriers.

Their fluency comes from the fact that English is the country’s prevailing language of instruction, alongside Filipino (Tagalog).

In a recent English proficiency survey by the Swiss firm EF Education First (EF), the Philippines ranked 20th out of 113 countries and 2nd in Asia, just behind Singapore.

Cultural Compatibility With Western Clients

The English language isn’t the only thing Filipinos share with their Western clients.

They also share a deep cultural affinity with the West, helping them seamlessly work with clients from the US, Europe, and AU.

They also possess the same values and work ethics as their Western clients, which contributes to mutual understanding and greater collaboration between them.

Cost Effectiveness

Another reason AU businesses are outsourcing their needs to the Philippines is because the country offers high-quality staff at relatively lower costs compared to local in-house staff.

This is partly due to the lower cost of living in the Philippines and the favourable exchange rate. 

Additionally, most Filipino remote workers have their own equipment, further reducing your overhead costs.

Strong Government Support

Due to its significant contributions to the Philippine economy, the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry enjoys strong government support through various incentives and business-friendly policies.

Aside from these, the Philippine government has invested in developing the necessary infrastructure to support the growing outsourcing industry. 

For example, they’ve been improving the country’s internet connectivity so more Filipinos can work remotely.

With these, the Philippine government aims to solidify the country’s status as a leading outsourcing destination.

A Strong Sense of Professionalism and Work Ethic

Filipinos are well-known to be hard workers, a trait they gained due to their strong family values and innate resilience. 

They also display great professionalism, which fosters a positive working environment and significantly improves customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Filipinos are known to be resourceful and adaptable. They’re open to learning new skills and working with new technologies and don’t require too much supervision to do their work.

Less Abrupt Time Differences

Unlike other popular outsourcing destinations, there isn’t such a huge gap between the time zones of the Philippines and Australia, the latter only being behind the former by two hours.

This helps facilitate better real-time communication and collaboration during business hours.

Ready to Start Outsourcing to the Philippines?

For many businesses today, outsourcing helps them grow their companies by freeing up their schedules and giving them access to specialized skills outside their area.

Thanks to the points above, the Philippines has proven itself as the go-to outsourcing destination for many Australian companies.

Ready to start outsourcing to the Philippines

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