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No More Anonymous Reviews: 5 Ways to Take Advantage of Google My Business for Your Business Today

Do you need more sales? Or maybe you need to convince your target customers to buy from you? A website will surely help in that situation. You can advertise your products and churn out relevant content that can help when your customers do research. 

But not everyone can afford to build a website. That’s where Google My Business comes in. With a few clicks, you can create a basic business profile that shows up in search engine results.

It may be a temporary website. Or some can even use it alone if they only need a basic one. You can even utilise both for more exposure.

But why bother with Google My Business when there are social media and other channels already?

Google My business is relevant because it shows reviews right there and then when people search for your business. Almost everyone uses Google search. If you rank, a snippet on the right side can even highlight all relevant information for your company.


Above is a screenshot of the Google My Business profile for our Philippine website. It shows the latest articles, our social media channels, and contact information when you rank. And, of course, the all-important Google reviews.



No More Anonymous Reviews 

Many of your customers want social proof that you can deliver the best product or service for their needs. And some want more evidence other than what you’ve written on your website. 

After all, you control what shows up there. And in Google my business, you don’t. Or do you?

Some unscrupulous business owners create anonymous accounts with which to write the best possible review for their own business. So, how can customers know which reviews are real and which ones are fake? 

Fortunately, Google knows this. That’s why Google banned anonymous reviews altogether and deleted previous anonymous ones as well.



Positive Reviews Don’t Happen Overnight

So, what happens now? Well, positive reviews don’t happen overnight. They are a result of the consistent delivery of products and services. And not to mention, an efficient after-service team. 

Here are 5 ways to take advantage of Google My Business for your business today.



Optimise Your Google My Business Details

As you can see, Google My Business shows a sneak peek of what you can offer on the search results page alone, so it’s best to complete all your pertinent details. Make sure to include your:

  • Business name
  • Logo
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Hours of Operation
  • Relevant Service Category

On top of that, you can also include images of your business. If it’s a restaurant, for instance, this can include photos of your interiors, customers, featured entreés, and more. 

As you make your Google My Business account complete and comprehensive, more and more customers are likely to trust in your brand and won’t have difficulty getting in touch if all your relevant information is listed there.

And when they do, your Google My Business is more likely to show up when they look up relevant businesses in the area.



Engage With Your Customers’ Reviews

Got a great review? Most businesses don’t bother to reply back. That’s a no-no. Gone are the days of snooty businesses who don’t bother with their customers. 

Right now, the more you connect with your customers, the more loyal they’re likely to be. And some even become advocates of your products and share them to their peers. So make sure to engage with every great review! 

What if it was a bad review? You should still engage and make sure to sympathise with their concerns. Take it as an opportunity to learn from and improve on your past mistakes.

As you get more and more reviews, more customers will be more enticed to try out what you can offer.



Promote It To Your Social Media Channels

Not everyone can see your product or services on your website. And with new businesses, you want as much exposure as you can get. 

So, why not use your stellar reviews and promote it on other social media channels?

Your potential customers are probably looking for proof that you can deliver your services, even if they’re on Facebook or Instagram. It can take just one post about your Google reviews to convince them to try it out. 

As for your repeat customers, a great testimonial will solidify their decision to patronise your brand. Nothing beats the bandwagon effect of happy and satisfied customers, which will surely attract more reviews and customers.



Create Marketing Campaigns Around Testimonials

What if you have no Google reviews and need some ASAP? 

Well, you can create marketing campaigns around testimonials! 

There are many campaigns you can do to drive organic reviews faster. You can offer discounts for dropping one. Or better yet, make every customer who leaves a review on your Google My Business eligible for a raffle entry. 



Hire Remote Staff to Optimize Your Google My Business

Can’t do it yourself? And even if you can, aren’t you better off spending your precious hours on things that can grow the business? 

Why not hire online remote staff to optimise your Google My Business for you? 

An SEO specialist is the perfect person to optimise your Google My Business account alongside your website. By improving your website’s SEO with links to your Google My Business, it can help your brand show up more in the rankings. 

On the other hand, a social media manager can also help drive traffic to your Google My Business account and to your social media channels simultaneously as well. They can create campaigns, answer comments, and drive more engagement for more customers in the long run. 

Get the best Filipino remote workers for your business by viewing our candidates. For further assistance, you can call us or schedule a callback today! Cheers!

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