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Buy or Rent: Where to Get Your Equipment for your Home Office?

One of the biggest expenses for any business is equipment — tables, chairs, laptops, furniture, fixtures, and the list goes on. And it doesn’t come cheap. It can go for a couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars for basic operational equipment.

And with the recent COVID19 pandemic, we have major adjustments to work-from-home setups. The equipment we currently have can’t be transported to our homes. Do you purchase a whole set of equipment just to make your home office function?

The answer? It depends.


Rent or Buy?

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Rent or Purchase?

Work-from-home is here to stay. Many companies are shifting to work-from-home setups, at least partially. And it will become normal in the long-run. It’s actually the future of work.

Some companies with available cash reserves can invest in it as early as now. But for SMEs and SOHO businesses, it might not be a good idea to burn your cash on big-ticket items (especially, as of writing, in the pandemic).

If you want to test the work-from-home set up for you and your employees, renting might be a more viable option. You can always renew your rental lease or just purchase afterwards. Some even have flexible terms.

Having a functional home office need not be expensive. For your transition to remote work operations, you only need a working laptop and a stable internet connection. For everything else, rentals can be a good option for you, unless you really need to buy your own.

So whether you decide to purchase or rent your office equipment, we collected some resources on where to get your office equipment.


Office Equipment with Delivery

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Office Equipment Retailers with Delivery


Office Equipment Rentals

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Office Equipment Rentals

These are your options! It’s time to choose now if you need to rent or purchase. The choice is yours!

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