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What is Bleisure Travel? 5 Tips to Enjoy Your Bleisure Vacation While Growing Your Business

Want a vacation? Who are you kidding? Everybody wants one. 

But what will happen to your business when you leave? Are you willing to sacrifice productivity with your holiday?

Well, right now, you can balance both with the rise of Bleisure Travel!



Bleisure What?!  

It sounds odd, but it’s a word you’ll love. “Bleisure” is a portmanteau of business and leisure, where you literally combine both when you travel.

The trend started when business people or employees went to popular destinations for conferences or events and extended their stay before or after the work event to enjoy. I mean, you’re already there. Why not explore the tourist spots after your working hours?

Digital nomads also enjoy such a privilege when they stay even longer in a tourist spot while balancing work and play. Whether you have a fully online business or not, you can also take advantage of Bleisure travel.

How? Here are tips for enjoying your Bleisure vacation while growing your business.


Choose a Tourist Destination You’re Excited About

Choose a Tourist Destination You’re Excited About

You might have a conference in Bali or want to work remotely in Thailand. The first tip is to do your research and choose a tourist destination you’re excited about. 

For example, Bali is a paradise. No doubt. But Bali has many things to offer. You choose what you’re excited about, depending on your preferences. 

Do you like surfing? Better transfer to Canggu after your conference to experience its vibrant surfing community. If you like the zen aspect of Bali, Ubud is the best place for becoming one with nature.

Or maybe you’re excited about an activity like Balinese silversmithing. There are countless establishments where you can make your own silver jewelry in Ubud as well. 

So ask yourself, what excites you the most? Arrange your schedule to do these activities before or after your business errands.



Book Your Hotel Near The Activities for Your Desired Itinerary

It might be common sense, but you should book your hotel near the activities or locations for your desired itinerary. Sometimes, you have to clock in for a specific number of hours before you can enjoy the day and explore your destination. 

Many travellers book their accommodation based on the cheapest ones available. Yes, it might save you some money. But you don’t want to waste time on transportation either. 

So if you’re eyeing specific activities, restaurants, attractions, and more, you better find a place at the centre of it all to make the most out of your time. 


Extend Your Stay With Your Rest Days in Mind

Extend Your Stay With Your Rest Days in Mind

When you’re on Bleisure travel, you’re not exactly 100% on vacation. You must check up on your team and work online as if you’re working at your home office.

So, will there be a day that you can fully experience your destination? If you can, you can extend your stay with your rest days in mind.

For example, let’s say your conference is from Wednesday to Friday. Why not extend until Monday next week so that you can enjoy your weekends without work? 

Yes, you can still go around after office hours on your working days. But your weekends will be 100% for you. 


Buy Local Sim Cards for Backup Internet

Buy Local Sim Cards for Backup Internet

Your internet connection will be the lifeblood of your business when you’re away. 

Yes, there’s WiFi everywhere. Abroad, you can find it in your hotel, coffee shops, and even some random convenience stores. (Yes, I’m talking about Japan.)

But you can’t be too cautious. You should buy local sim cards for backup internet, just in case.

Data roaming can be expensive when you use your home network, especially abroad. When you buy local sim cards, you can save money and get access to decent internet speeds when your hotel WiFi fails. 



Hire Reliable Remote Workers

Ultimately, you can operate a growing business remotely when you have the best people in place.

Because of the pandemic, more and more people have adapted to online work. You can expect your employees to be productive while working remotely. 

But it all starts with hiring the best online workers for your business. Hire someone who can work remotely without too much supervision. In this way, you can enjoy working from anywhere without too many worries.

And if you’re looking for reliable remote workers, you can view our candidates of highly-qualified Filipino remote workers. They are equipped to work productively online from day 1! 

With this, you will surely have the best Bleisure travels while running your business remotely.

Call us or schedule a callback for more information. Enjoy!

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