10 Reasons Why We’ve Been The Trusted Offshoring Partner Of Over 2,000 SME’s

1.  10+ years of Filipino outsourcing experience

Our service is based on the culmination of 10+ years experience. We’ve hired over 8,000 remote professionals who’ve helped transform over 2,000 SME businesses.

2.  Full recruitment service

We’ve invested heavily in our talent acquisition capabilities to make sure we acquire the right staff for your business. This is our core focus we are committed to delivering on.

3.  Online database of A-List candidates you can view now

Unique to Remote Staff, our Available Staffing List (ASL) is an innovative resource tool that allows you to view our top 3% pre-screened and interviewed candidates for over 70 roles. It is updated weekly and with professional recruiter notes. With it, you can view resumes, listen to candidate introductions, ask a candidate a question, request a skills assessment and also book interviews.

4.  100% accountability for hours worked

We keep the remote working landscape fair. We have an entire compliance team that actively makes sure your team is online, on time and working on work-related tasks. They utilize our custom built, multi-million dollar IT platform and monitor your remote team via screenshots, application usage, internet connectivity plus more.
Learn more about our technology.

5.  Australian owned and operated

We are an accountable legal entity in both Australia and the Philippines. You’ll sign a contract with an Australian company thus mitigating your commercial and legal risk. We are also on the ground in Manila, so your investment is always protected. We mitigate your cultural risk as we bridge the Western/Asian gap.
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6.  Remote or Office based staffing solutions

We give you the flexibility to choose the location of your staff. We can connect you with staff from all over the Philippines for home-based roles. For teams of 1-100, our CBD Manila office is more suitable and is available to you for a small fixed fee on top of staff wages. Learn more about our hiring options.

7.  All the staffing roles you need through one offshoring partner

Few remote staffing service suppliers can offer a bigger staffing range as we do. We offer 70+ roles such as VAs, Developers, Digital Marketing, Accounts and Sales/Customer support.

8.  No obligation,free to get started

We understand that outsourcing means different things to different businesses, so we offer the most flexible terms in the market to get you started without any locked in period.

  • Connector.
    Free staff replacement

    (within the first 6 months)

  • Connector.
    24-hr notice period

    (within the first 6 months, 2 weeks thereafter)

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    No barriers, FREE to start

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    Cancel anytime

9.  No freelancer mindset

We do not facilitate one off jobs, or project based work. We are not task orientated. Remote staffing is about placing people for ongoing, real responsibilities that need to be maintained in your business. We place people on only part-time (min. 20 hrs per week) or full-time (40 hrs per week) positions.

10.  Ongoing customer support involvement

After placing staff, we provide a full range of ongoing support services including; HR, Legal, IT, Compliance, Payroll and an Account Manager. Your dedicated Account Manager is there to support you in all your HR needs and works alongside you and your staff to bridge cultural and communication gaps and to help you build a high-value team for your business.

Find all the staffing roles you need through one offshoring partner.
Secure a reliable staffing solution that works and lasts.
Slash your staffing costs by up-to 70%.
Hire the top quality staff for your business through our full service recruitment.
Enjoy our full range of ongoing support services including HR, IT, Compliance, and Payroll.

We are eager to discuss your business needs, and answer any questions you may have