Remote Working Technology To Manage Virtual Teams

Online Timesheet
3 Minute Screenshot Monitoring Report
Computer Usage Monitoring
Internet Reliability Reporting
Activity Work Diary
Real Time Available Balance Reporting
Commission/Leave Request

1.  Online Timesheet

Your remote staff log in to our platform which accurately measures the number of hours they worked on a daily basis. Online Timesheets allow you to view when your staff log in, take lunch, take breaks and log out. The timesheets are automatically linked to staff payroll and client invoices.

2.  3 Minute Screenshot Monitoring Report

The Screenshot Monitoring tool deploys every three minutes or can be set to custom frequencies at your discretion, or turned off entirely.

3.  Computer Usage Monitoring

ACTIVE APPS reports all the applications your staff have opened on their computer while logged on and working with you. These can be viewed in an easy-to-understand pie chart. This is an important app that our compliance team often use, to determine if your contractor’s time has been spent on non-work related activity.

4.  Activity Work Diary

The Activity Work Diary was designed to keep you updated on the accomplishments of your staff throughout the day. We know that on some days you will not have time to catch up with your remote staff, so at the end of the day you are sent a report with all the items they have been working on.

5.  Internet Reliability Reporting

If your staff’s internet is consistently too slow for your needs, we work with your staff to see what can be done to improve and update their internet connection. The Remote Staff platform also monitors disconnections and dropouts.

6.  Real Time Available Balance Reporting

You will need to maintain a running credit balance used as security to work with your contracted staff. At the end of every working day, your balance will be deducted for the amount of hours consumed by your staff.

7.  Commission/Leave Request Tools

Create and manage commissions for staff members. Schedule re-occurring commission payments or initiate one off bonus payments. Our remote working platform also allows you to view, approve and manage all work ‘Leave’ requests.

8.  Security

For your security, our IT systems are managed in-house by our IT department. Our system is also protected by monitoring tools and intrusion detection software. We have dedicated servers that keep the remote working landscape secure for all.

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