Remote Leadership and
Management Program

To set you up for success, we compiled the best practices of remote-first companies tailored for the Filipino remote workforce.

Making Offshore Teams Successful and Productive

Overcome the problems of remote working by leading and managing your offshore teams effectively. Build a remote-friendly culture where your Filipino staff can thrive. Retain your best talents by nurturing happy and robust working relationships.

Achieve Your Outcomes

Building high-performing teams will help you reach your goals.

Connect and Engage Filipino Workers

Keeping them happy and fulfilled inspires your staff to do their best work.

Grow Your Business

Saving time, money and energy helps you focus on what matters.

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Case Studies by Industry

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General Information

We are dedicated in constantly providing helpful information, tips and other resources to improve the way you want your remote team to work.

Our customer satisfaction survey revealed that 97% of our clients were satisfied with our recruitment service.

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Thanks to advancements in technology and the rise of globalisation, over the last decade, the SME sector has joined the big corporations in leveraging outsourcing as a popular staffing strategy.

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Remote Staff is a fusion between online freelancer platforms and office-based corporate solutions. Unique to Remote Staff, we have invested millions in our own technology to make the hiring of remote professionals a real, viable business alternative.

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Freelancing is a great option for those who need quick short-term projects executed. But if you have real, ongoing responsibilities in your business that need to be taken care of in a cost-effective way, then hiring staff and partnering with a full service agency will help you sleep better at night.

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Experience has proven that clients who struggle with remote staffing are usually unprepared and underestimate the involvement required to build successful remote working relationships.

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