Access to Highly-Qualified Filipino Staff

Remote Staff gives you the local advantage to recruit the top talent

What makes Remote Staff so different?

Recruitment Expertise

Our Philippine-based recruitment and exclusive network of over 130,000pre-screened candidates give you the best chance at finding the right person for yourbusiness (at the right rate)

Unrivalled Support

Our team of Staffing Consultants are here to support you. Have confidence knowingyou have an experienced partner to call on if you run into any challenges

Management Technology

You'll have full use of our custom-built technology platform, developed to helpyou get the best out of staff (preventing time wasting, helping to manage projects,tracking payments and more)

Australia - Philippines

Partnering with an Australian business headquartered in the Philippines has itsadvantages. We're an accountable entity in Australia that you can trust.

Experience quality support that is next to none

We promise to find you the right professional for your business and provide the necessary support to make the relationship work long term.

But don’t just take our word for it, experience it for yourself. Request a cost-free strategy call to speak with one of our business development experts about how a remote staffing solution could work for you.

The Remote Staff Difference

Our 5 areas of support

1. Recruitment

  • Our Filipino-based recruitment team screens and qualifies thousandsof Filipino staff weekly

  • We have an exclusive network of over 130,000 pre-screened Filipinoprofessionals

  • We offer Filipinos full-time home-based work getting youcommitted contractors

  • We conduct English tests over the phone to test speaking and comprehension skills

2. Hiring

  • We invest as much as $1500 to $3000 placing candidates in your business with no upfront fee

  • We pre-screen with phone interviews, background checks, reference checks and more

  • We facilitate interviews, making sure candidates only apply for 2 jobs at a time.

  • We replace contractors for free if the relationship doesn’t work out in the first 6 months for free

    3. Support

    • Our Staffing Consultants are on call to resolve any disputes between clients and contractors

    • We ensure staff are online, on time and working through our live monitoring service

    • We enforce strict communication rules such as the 3-minute Skype rule

    • We pay contractors directly through their Filipino bank accounts

      4. Security

      • You are protected under enforceable contract agreements in both Australia and the Philippines

      • Your intellectual property is protected with enforceable non-disclosure agreements

      • We visit candidates' homes to validate addresses, confirm identity and check their working environment

      • We ensure remote staff are working exclusively for you during their work shifts

        5. Care

        • We build trust by guaranteeing the contractors' pay (even if the client defaults)

        • We hold new hire orientation and 1-on-1 training sessions before contractors work with clients

        • We have a retention policy and lifetime rehiring policy to guarantee work for top performers

        • We provide certificates and documents helping contractors apply for credit and home loans