1. Home Based Professionals (Ideal for teams 1-15)

We have discovered that this solution works best for those hiring between 1-15 staff. Working with remote professionals has the strategic advantage to hiring nationwide, as well as longer lengths of tender and an even more cost-effective workforce.


Skipping long commutes, working from the comfort of their home and a better work/life balance makes this an appealing work opportunity for top talent. Some staff/client relationships have even lasted 8+ years and we have many around the 5-year mark. Although there can be occasional issues with connectivity, we have found that staff are more effective from home.

2. Office Based Professionals & Teams (Ideal for teams 1-100)

Over the last 10 years, we have established large teams remotely but have found it took too much time and energy to get them up and running. Therefore, our coworking office space is the quickest and easiest way to scale and build teams.


This is a turnkey solution as all equipment is ready and waiting, with the right infrastructure in place. Our work environment is a coworking space that seats up to 200. From our office, it’s generally easier and quicker to onboard, train and get your remote team up to your standard of output.


For a small fixed fee on top of staff wages, your team can be placed in our CBD Manila office in Makati. This is the most competitive pricing you will find anywhere, for a B Grade office that meets international standards. Find out more about our office.

3. Recruitment Only

Our Recruitment Only service is suitable for those who want to find their ideal remote staff member but seek to work with them directly without our ongoing support or use of our remote working platform.


Outsource your technical staff to the Philippines with Remote Staff to be able to utilise the services of a world class recruitment team who is on the ground in the Philippines.


We have one of the largest active databases of qualified Filipino job seekers who have already been interviewed and prescreened. We also advertise across all major online job boards, utilise our exclusive networks we’ve established over 10 years, and head-hunt direct.


We charge a flat fee of 17.5% of annual wages for this service, which includes a free staff replacement offer within the first 6 months. To get started, all you need to do is pay a deposit based on pay estimates, then full payment is required when hiring decisions are made.

Accountability: Our live monitoring team keeps remote working relationships accountable.
  • We monitor all remote professionals daily
  • 10+ million hours of productivity tracked since 2008
  • Unique to Remote Staff, we monitor:
  • Idle screenshots
  • Non work-related activity
  • The staff are who they say they are
  • Nightshift working states attendance + punctuality

Because we want our clients to focus on core business activity and have the confidence to delegate high value tasks to their remote team, we have invested heavily in our Compliance Department who actively monitors your staff through our custom-built technology platform. 100% transparency builds a foundation of trust that will allow you to build momentum within your team.


Did you know? Through quality hires, robust processes and our compliance team combined, we have very satisfied clients. As a result, less than %1 of our clients have been suspicious of the working relationship that we helped establish.

Find all the staffing roles you need through one offshoring partner.
Secure a reliable staffing solution that works and lasts.
Slash your staffing costs by up-to 70%.
Hire the top quality staff for your business through our full service recruitment.
Enjoy our full range of ongoing support services including HR, IT, Compliance, and Payroll.

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