How Remote Staff Works

7 Steps To Growing Your Business With Remote Staff

  1. Brief Us

Talk to us today about whether outsourcing would be a viable option for your business. We’ll discuss whether remote staffing is the right strategy for you, or if establishing a team in the office would be more suitable.


We can advise you on what type of talent and skills you can acquire and the cost you can expect. We’ll also address any questions you have regarding outsourcing and the management of remote staff.

Louie – Business Developer

  1. We Attract, Test and Qualify Candidates For You – All Obligation Free

  • We advertise for your role placing ads in all major online publications to attract quality
    candidates nationwide.
  • We use our exclusive job seeker network: over 150,000+ pre-screened relationships built through associations, schools and more.
  • We thoroughly pre-screen candidates: phone interviews, skills tests, background work checks.
  • We visit candidates at home and validate that they are who they say they are. We also ensure they have professional equipment and internet connection.
  • We test candidates’ English skills verbally. Candidates who have trouble speaking and comprehending English don’t make the cut. We also test skill levels through the globally accredited IBM Kenexa ‘Prove it’ skills assessment tests.
  • We provide you with a shortlist of 1-3 qualified candidates for your role.

  1. Interview Shortlisted Candidates

We take the hassle out of interviewing by organising, scheduling and liaising with candidates, to make sure you get the best out of the process.


When you connect with candidates over the phone or video call via Skype/Zoom, you’ll get a feel for their personality, professionalism and proficiency.


Our experienced Filipino recruiters will be with you during live interviews.

Learn more about our focus on talent.

Liz – Recruitment Manager

  1. Hire – You Hire The Best

Once you’ve chosen the best candidate for either a full-time or part-time position, Remote Staff are here to get them up to speed.


Whether working remotely or from our office, we’ve prepared them so they are ready to start on your start date. We’ve clarified expectations, provided them with ‘work-from-home’ professional training, and explained all our remote working policies.

Learn more about the type of clients who hire from Remote Staff.

  1. We Give You The Tools To Help Manage Your Remote Workforce

Our proprietary technology makes it easy to get the most out of a remote staffing relationship. After more than 10 years helping businesses, we’ve developed a range of tools to assist you with managing staff.


Monitor what gets done everyday with online time sheets, 3 minute screenshot monitoring, work activity logs and website and computer application usage tracking, tools that give you peace of mind.


Learn more about our technology.

  1. We Work With You To Make Outsourcing Successful

From the recruitment process right through to staff management – we work together and provide ongoing support.


Our Accounts Managers will ensure smooth onboarding of your new staff and be with you throughout your business relationship with Remote Staff helping with any issues related to your staff.


Also unique to Remote Staff, our compliance team monitors staff via our technology to assure they are working on work related activity.

Learn more about our staff monitoring service.

  1. We Take Care Of Your Payroll

We pay staff in their local Philippine currency, into their local bank account.
We guarantee staff wages no matter what. 


Learn more about our billing and payroll.

Find all the staffing roles you need through one offshoring partner.
Secure a reliable staffing solution that works and lasts.
Slash your staffing costs by up-to 70%.
Hire the top quality staff for your business through our full service recruitment.
Enjoy our full range of ongoing support services including HR, IT, Compliance, and Payroll.

We are eager to discuss your business needs, and answer any questions you may have