Meet Our Founder

A serial entrepreneur, Chris Jankulovski has been building businesses for the last 20 years. Starting out in his parent’s garage at 16 with a successful packaging operation, Chris’s passion for business was ignited early and he went on to create several businesses in differing fields such as property, digital marketing, wealth creation and more.


In 2007, Chris identified an opportunity to connect international clients with reliable Filipino professionals, and Remote Staff was born. From his office in Sydney, he set the goal of offering recruitment, technology, and support to local businesses who were in need of remote workers from the Philippines.


Quickly growing to meet the demand, in 2012, he invested in Filipino headquarters to further embed the business, direct in the culture and market. Since then, Remote Staff has matured into a high performance professional services business.


In his personal life…


Chris has had to confront and overcome much adversity. At just 19, he was diagnosed with a rare hereditary condition called Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome, and was told he would not make it past 30. Now aged 44, he has faced 5 near-death experiences, including a brain operation to remove two tumors in September 2016 which nearly killed him.


Living with such a condition has given Chris very unique perspectives on life and on business. As his time here is so limited, he chooses to only invest it in meaningful work that is aligned to his higher purpose. He sees Remote Staff as a vehicle to help make his life count.


As a self-made businessman, he loves servicing other entrepreneurs and seeing the immense impact Remote Staff is having on their businesses, plus the lives of their Filipino remote workers. He is just as passionate about it today, as he was when he started the company 10 years ago.

Chris is writing a book about his experiences and perspectives on life and hopes his story will benefit and inspire others. To find out more, please visit