We Assist You With Remote Management

We Provide Management Support

We work with you to ensure the effectiveness and productivity of the contracted staff

  • Staff-retention management
  • Resolution of any cultural issues
  • Staff-replacement management
  • Management structure development
  • Resolution of misinterpretation and communication issues
  • Management of expectations between achieved and desired results

We Organise Special Arrangements When Needed

We help you address important concerns, planned or unplanned

  • Making special arrangements for gifts
  • Facilitating special work arrangements
  • Arranging travel and visa requirements for staff
  • Delivery, management and use of client equipment
  • Helping the client use the remote staff platform as well as other technologies

We Assist With HR Matters

We help you manage internal staff concerns from attendance to attitude

  • Staff termination
  • Dealing with absences
  • Attendance management
  • Addressing staff motivation issues
  • Payroll and work compliance management
  • Management of commissions, bonuses and reimbursements

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