How It Works

We find you top Filipino talent then help you establish and drive your team

Step 1


Contact us and let us know your needs. We tailor our recruitment process to your specific requirements.

Step 2


We custom-recruit top talent,present shortlisted candidates, then organise and facilitate the interview sessions.

Step 3


You select who you would like to hire. We then give them special training and help you with the onboarding process.

Step 4


You work directly with your team and set tasks and outcomes. Your dedicated account manager works with you and your staff to optimise productivity. We take care of HR, Payroll, staff monitoring and IT.

Grow Your Business

Remote Staff

We find you top Filipino talent and help you establish your team.

  • Custom Recruitment
  • IT, Payroll, HR, Staff Monitoring
  • Office space/home-based facilities
  • Business Support + Strategy

Your Team

With a dedicated account manager, we support your working relationship and help keep it productive.

Your Contracted Staff


Get the results you want by working directly with your team.

  • You control output + Outcomes
  • Workflow + Objectives
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Management

How We Recruit

We want to invest up to $3,000 in your business

We're happy to invest upfront towards your staffing needs by covering the cost of recruitment (which can reach up to $3,000). Our Western-trained, Philippine-based recruitment team ensures that you get a better hire from Remote Staff.

Our extensive level of involvement is unmatched in the marketplace. We do not just forward you applicants but take the time and care needed to ensure all are fully-screened. We make sure that we are sending you a great match for your needs.

Our Recruitment Team

Our Technology

Your investment in time and effort is 100% protected.

Apart from mandatory paid leave over Christmas, we have a strict 'No Work, No Pay' policy, and you are only billed for the hours of proven work. Unlike working directly with a freelancer, these hours are validated by us through sophisticated tracking and management technology.

We also have a customer service team that live monitors staff on a daily basis through 3-minute screenshots, online timesheets, work activity logs and website and computer application usage tracking tools.

Your dedicated account manager

All the support you need

With a local presence in the Philippines, your account manager can help bridge the cultural gap to make sure both you and your staff are understood and happy.

Your account manager's goal is to help you build momentum. Once you get started, they help you and your staff increase productivity in the remote working landscape.

Our Account Managers


We've made billing a breeze

Managing payroll in any country, involves a time-consuming process requiring registration with multiple government agencies and multiple payments, to multiple parties. We simplify things by taking care of payroll for you.

We pay your staff directly into their Philippine bank account at the start of every month. You simply pay invoices directly into our Australian, US or UK bank accounts.

Minimised Risk

Unrivalled flexibility

We understand that every business is different, especially when it comes to staffing needs. We offer a truly customisable service package that mitigates your risk through proven strategies and incorporates a level of flexibility, that is unrivalled in the marketplace today.

Success Stories

What To Expect In The First 30 Days?

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