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What do I need to provide to give you an accurate brief of my outsourcing requirements?

We need you to provide us with a list of detailed job roles your company requires, including any specific skills you require. It is also important for you to know your budget and objectives for the role. The more information and clarity we can get, the easier it will be for us to find the right candidates for you.

Do you have more candidates than those listed on your website?

Yes, candidates listed on the site are small a fraction of our available talent pool. They have all been pre-screened and vetted.

We have a 36-person recruitment team that you can brief. Together, you’ll discuss the position and your needs, and identify the right skill set and experience level for your role.

Afterwards, we'll search the market and our exclusive talent networks, to find you the best candidates to interview.

Do we pay our contractors enough?

You will be pleased to know that your remote staff team members are well taken care of. They will be paid slightly above the average Filipino wage, and often receive an increase of between 15%-30% compared with their previous employment.

As an Australian company based in Sydney and Manila, and with a 6-strong Australian management team, we firmly believe in giving everyone a fair go. We take our ethics and values seriously and pride ourselves on providing real and fair opportunities to all.

What type of roles do you offer?

We offer a range of over 70 roles. You can view candidates directly here

What about staff replacements?

Within the first 6 months, we offer free staff replacement. It can take us approximately 2 to 6 weeks to find another candidate that meets your requirements.

Do you really spend up to $3,000 recruiting candidates?

Yes, we cover the upfront costs of recruitment (including advertising costs, networking, pre-screening, testing, qualifying and interviewing candidates).

Our fees are built into the ongoing staff management service we provide (our technology platform, payroll, staff compliance management and more), so it's in our interest to get you the right person who will be with you long term.

Should you wish to move staff off the Remote Staff platform, a placement fee will apply (to reconcile our investment in recruitment).

How long does the hiring process take?

It takes approximately 3-5 days to find at least 3 suitable candidates for you to choose from. To ensure these shortlisted candidates are available for you, we need a prompt response, preferably within 24 hours.

Depending on the job role that you are recruiting for, it can take an average of 9-15 days to place someone.

When you brief us with your requirements, we will give you an idea of how long the process will take.

How do I brief you?

For us to actively start recruiting, we need you to fill in a job specification form.

Will I be assisted with candidate interviews?

Yes, we will set up all interviews and one of our staffing consultants will be there to facilitate, ensuring that your hiring process runs smoothly. You will be supported the whole way.

Is there a trial period per candidate?

Yes, you can try candidates for a week using our prepaid trial platform.

What is the minimum hiring contract?

There is no minimum contract period although we seek long-term working relationships with our contractors and clients. We work on a rolling service agreement that is not time-bound.

We place a huge investment in terms of recruiting value in your business and in fact, it takes us 5 months+ before we are able to recoup our costs, we therefore, do not facilitate project-based or ad hoc work.

We are happy to partner with you even if you are not ready to commit to that period of time as we are confident that once we start working and you see the value of your remote staff member, you’ll be happy to stay around. So, as long as you can see yourself partnering with us for a longer duration, that’s enough for us.

What if I change my mind?

Within the first 6 months, we offer free staff replacement. It can take approximately 2-5 weeks for us to find another candidate that suits your needs.

Is it cheaper for me to work directly with a freelancer?

Unfortunately, many freelancers charge foreign businesses hourly rates that are substantially inflated. We have seen multiple, frequent examples where freelancers have charged international clients double their fee. Some, are just trying their luck.

Freelancers often work on multiple projects/clients at the same time and it can be very difficult to ascertain if they are working the hours they claim to be. With Remote Staff, our monitoring technology allows for full transparency, and we validate every hour you are charged.

We also ensure standards of conduct, as all remote staff members adhere to our Remote Staffing Code of Conduct.

We have also seen that without the support regarding cultural and language barriers, projects can often be dragged out, therefore costing more money than necessary. And if there are no legal obligations in place, data security can be an issue.

Can I hire someone for $2/hour?

Yes, in the Philippines you can hire someone for $2 an hour such as: blue-collar workers, a few graduates straight out of an average school, and those with poor English language skills.

We prefer your staff members to be qualified, educated, have a high level of English proficiency and to have experience in a professional setting or with international clients.

Can I dispute working hours?

Prior to payroll, you can question hours worked at any time during the month. During that time, we suspend payment until the investigation is complete. It takes no longer than two weeks.

Can I increase/decrease my staff’s hours?

Yes, you can change between full-time/part-time as your business requires, however note that when moving from full-time to part-time, your hourly rate may be slightly affected.

How does overtime work?

For those who are contractors, overtime is charged at the normal fixed regular hourly rate. On a weekly basis, you will have the ability to approve or question overtime hours through our staff management tool. You have three options: overtime is to be approved on a weekly basis, overtime always approved, overtime is never approved.

Do I need to worry about sick pay and holiday leave?

No, you don't need to pay for sick days or holiday leave. Our online timesheets and payroll are linked to make sure you only pay staff for the hours they've worked.

Those who are subcontractors of Remote Staff (those working with our international clients) are not entitled to paid sick leave. However, for longer-term relationships, we encouraged such entitlements to retain top talent. But of course, this is at your discretion.

Those who are employed by Remote Staff (our in-house staff), receive five days sick leave, during their second year of employment.

Is there any mandatory paid leave?

The only mandatory paid leave period is Christmas paid leave. For those working as contractors and those employed by Remote Staff, a mandatory five-day paid leave is applicable over the Christmas period.

If you employ a staff member after Oct 1st of any year, then this is not applicable for that year, however will be for the year after.

In the Philippine culture, there is an expectation that Christmas holidays include paid leave. We have found that offering this has fostered higher staff retention rates. Outside of the Christmas period, the 'no work no pay' rule still applies.

What about startup fees?

We do not have any startup fees, however, our focus is building long-term working relationships and therefore, we do not facilitate project-based or ad hoc work.

How does billing work?

Billing can be set up two ways: Pay-As-You-Go or monthly. With monthly billing invoices are paid one month in advance for any contractor that is an ongoing monthly hire (full-time or part-time). For the Pay-As-You-Go pre-paid platform, there's a minimum $50 top up to get started.

Which billing system will I be on?

If you are hiring less than 10 remote staff you will be set up on Pay-As-You-Go billing. If you are managing more than 10 remote staff you will be set up on monthly billing. We don't have any minimum length contracts for pay-as-you-go billing. If you are on a monthly billing, then the minimum term is one month.

Can I change my billing plan?

For those on Pay-As-You-Go plans, you are unable to switch until your remote team grows to 10 members. You then have the opportunity to change to a monthly plan with itemised billing.

What happens if I'm on Pay-As-You-Go billing and I run out of credit?

We send out reminders to prevent this from happening. However, if you run out of Pay-As-You-Go credit, your staff will be suspended from work until you top up funds.

How will I be invoiced?

Depending on which plan you are on, you will be invoiced weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Coverage dates per invoice are set at 22 days. We also have a zero-tolerance policy for late payment of invoices, as many contractors can be living from one pay cheque to the next.

Why do I have to pay in advance?

By guaranteeing pay, we can attract a higher-calibre hire for you and are able to engage those who will be 100% committed to your business. In the remote staffing landscape, guaranteeing pay ensures a high level of commitment from your staff member, who is paid promptly for all work completed.

How does currency impact my payments?

Currency fluctuations do not affect your hiring rate, but it will impact your billing. When you hire a remote staff, your contract will be set on a fixed currency. Should fluctuations in the currency occur, we will adjust your payments to reflect the changes.

If you are on Pay-As-You-Go billing, currency adjustments will be made automatically. If you are on monthly billing, the changes will be applied to the following month's invoice.

Can I pay by cheque?

Unfortunately we do not accept payment by cheque.

What type of refund policy is available?

We will refund all your unconsumed credit at any time, within 2 weeks.

Do I need a Philippine bank account?

You simply pay invoices directly into our Australian, US or UK bank accounts. We provide payroll for your staff, in Peso. We pay your staff directly into their Philippine bank account at the start of every month.

You can pay by EFT or credit card. We accept Paypal, MasterCard, Amex, Visa and direct debits within Australia, but some fees apply. If you pay via direct debit with Visa or MasterCard, we will waive the 1% fee.

What if I'm having trouble communicating with my staff?

We are here to assist both you and your staff in overcoming any cultural and communication differences. Your account manager will support and assist you and make sure you are getting the most out of your remote working relationship.

We also actively coach and train all our talent, and provide education around working for international clients.

Can I trust my remote staff?

Yes, all staff sign and agree to maintain the confidence of their employers' IP and proprietary knowledge. In addition, we ensure your remote staff uses our workflow management systems designed to give you full transparency over their activity and work output.

What happens if I am unhappy with my staff member?

We always recommend that you put the time and effort in first, to give the relationship a fair go, just as you would a local team member. Then, if you find that your new staff member is really not the right fit, we offer 24-hr employee replacement at no charge within the first six months. We also offer a termination period of only 24 hours within the first six months, then two weeks thereafter.

Should my remote staff work from their home or from the Remote Staff HQ?

If you are managing a team larger than 20 remote staff, it is advisable that you operate the team out of Remote Staff's office. You can find out more about the difference between home-based and office-based staff here

What if my hire doesn't work out?

Our first objective is to find you the right person. We then provide you with an experienced account manager ensuring that the working relationship is productive.

However, at any stage within the first 6 months, you can let go or replace your staff member with just 24 hours notice. After your initial 6-month period, 2 weeks notice is required.

To terminate a hire, we use a two-step process: First, a written email to the staff member is required, called a 'Notice to Explain'. After your staff member has had the opportunity to give feedback, a second written email is required with a final decision.

How long does the replacement guarantee last?

We guarantee to replace any staff at no cost to you within the first 6 months.

How easy is it to grow my remote team?

Our staffing solutions are easily scalable and we have clients who have experienced significant growth in under 6 months. Our business strategists specialise in helping our clients build their remote teams and would love to discuss your business objectives and how to grow your team. Contact Walter today.

What expectations do you have for your clients?

Job Specification form

For us to actively start recruiting, we need you to fill in a job specification form.

Recruiting Response Times

The talent market is a quick moving one. To ensure the shortlisted candidates we present to you are available, we need a prompt response, preferably within 24 hours.

Equally, the decision to hire must be made quickly after the interview to secure your new staff member.


Although we have no minimum contract requirements, we seek clients who are committed to offshoring for the long term. We do not facilitate project-based work at this stage.

Particularly at the beginning, a commitment of time and energy must be given to ensure the right foundations for long term offshoring success.

Is the 20hr part-time, 40hr full-time per week requirements flexible?

We offer a degree of flexibility between the 20hr and 40hr per week requirements.

Currently, we do not service task or project-based work, or requirements under 20 hours per week.



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