Our Focus on Talent

We Help You Find Great Talent From The Philippines

Our customer satisfaction survey revealed that 97% of our clients were satisfied with our recruitment service. Many of our clients are still with us after 5 years and we also have a few client/contractors relationships that have been working together since we started in 2007. These facts demonstrate that the relationships that we have helped establish are of high value and can be relied upon over the long term.


The Remote Staff Recruitment Process

  • We take the time to understand your needs: only endorsing candidates that will be the right fit for your business
  • We advertise for your role placing ads in a number of major online publications to attract quality candidates
  • We use our exclusive job seeker network: over 130,000 pre-screened relationships built through associations, universities, top schools and more
  • We rigorously pre-screen candidates: phone interviews, skills tests, background checks, English language comprehension and more
  • In metro Manila, we visit candidates at home: ensuring they have professional equipment and internet connection. We validate IDs to confirm that they are, who they say they are
  • Being on the ground and culturally astute, we protect you from scams such as dubious educational qualifications and suspicious work history
  • We qualify candidates: providing you with a shortlist of 1 – 3 most skilled and well-suited candidates for your role that also have the right character and soft skills for your business
  • On your behalf, we negotiate wages at fair local market rates not inflated prices for Westerners. We protect you from being ripped off
  • We take the hassle out of interviewing by organising, scheduling, and liaising with candidates to make sure you get the best out of the process
  • Our experienced Filipino recruiters will be with you during the live interviews, providing you with a high level of support and answering any questions that may arise


Select and Interview Candidates From Our Available Staff List

  • From our prescreened database of 150,000+, view our pre-selected top 3% candidates who are currently available.
  • Each candidate has been interviewed and vetted by our recruitment staff. Check out their online resume to listen to their audio introductions, learn more about their capabilities, qualifications, employment history and skills.
  • This is the quickest way to get started. Custom recruiting is a sourcing effort that can sometimes take weeks. Our Available Staffing List (ASL) is updated on a weekly basis and is kept to a select number of talent.
  • Like a candidate? You can ask them a question, request a skills assessment or request to book an interview. To avoid time wasting and disappointment, candidates are only allowed to be interviewed by two clients at any one time.