Review of Outsourcing Options

A Market Comparison Of Outsourcing Service Options

Remote Staff is a fusion between online freelancer platforms and office-based corporate solutions. Unique to Remote Staff, we have invested millions in our own technology to make the hiring of remote professionals a real, viable business alternative. For employers seeking 1-15 staff to work remotely, Remote Staff is a wiser choice.


Remote Staff

Office-based BPOs


Project Work

Only available for dedicated hires: Part-time (20 hrs per week).

Some BPOs do take on project or ad hoc work.

Project work is mostly contractual and output-based.

Live Staff Monitoring

Manila-based compliance officers monitor screenshots, app activity, keystrokes & more.

There is office supervision.

There is less to no supervision and reliant to communication updates.

Staff Monitoring Technology

Full transparency through 3 min screenshots, work activity tracker with hourly updates, computer app usage. Report, keystroke analysis, online timesheets + internet connectivity reporting.

There are security devices that they use.

Project work is mostly contractual and output-based.

Fair Local Market Based Wages

With ten years local experience we have a very accurate picture of what ‘true’ local market rates are for hundreds of roles and skill levels, nationwide. We pay your remote workers just above local rates.

Traditional and office-based workers receive the minimum wage standards.

Many freelancers charge foreign businesses substantially inflated ‘Western’ prices. Recent increases to freelancer fees have been passed on to clients through even higher hourly rates.

Works In Your Time Zone

Speed things up by giving real time feedback + have your contractors collaborate with your onshore team.

Some traditional BPOs may follow different work shifts depending on the nature of their business.

Freelancers complete the work on a flexible schedule.

Recruitment Fee and Service

No recruitment fees and no obligation. Highly personalised locally-based recruiters handpick top talent for you, and handle any recruitment fee disputes. We pay for your job to be advertised across all major job boards nationwide and headhunt direct.

Some BPOs may or may not have recruitment fees.

Some platforms charge up-front recruiting fees up-to $500USD. Recruitment is predominantly based on algorithms. There’s often little to no local knowledge.

Talent Pool

For home-based roles we recruit nationwide across the Philippines, not just capital cities. We also have a large, exclusive online database of 130K pre-vetted professionals that represent the top 5% of Filipino talent. Post on job boards, direct head hunt.

Limited Talent Pool

Vast global talent pool, in the millions. Unless with Upwork Pro, you’ll have to search through them yourself which is time-consuming especially, if talent is unavailable.

Philippines Specialist

We are an Australian/ Filipino company with 10 yrs experience in the local market. We have offices in Australia and Manila.

Companies may have local or foreign offices.

Mostly global focus

Freelancer and contractor fees

We do not charge our contractors any fees.

Traditional offices outsource only when necessary, since they have in-house talents.

All platforms charge fees to freelancers. Fees passed on to clients through increased hourly rates.

Contractors Paid in Peso

All our contractors are paid in Peso directly into their bank accounts which attracts a high calibre of talent.

Local BPOs pay their office workers in Philippine Peso.

Freelancers may be paid in USD.

Service Fees

We charge a low monthly service fee. This includes our full support services: live staff monitoring, HR, IT, Payroll, your own Account Manager + Compliance.

Very high, competitor service fees can range from AUD $770 – $1,400 per month, considerably higher than ours which range between $200 – $400 for remote workers.

Service fees to clients can range from 3-20%.

Commitment + Trust Level

Their work history, skills and experience have been fully vetted by a professional recruiter and their commitment to your business is assured. We have high retention rates and long lengths of tender.

High Commitment

Your freelancer is most likely working with multiple clients with a split focus. Good freelancers are in high demand, take on too much work and when issues arise, disappear into the night.

Involvement in Output

You work directly with the contractor and are responsible for training, feedback and results.

Some offer little to no management, co-management and full management.

Some freelancers prefer to work independently.

Dedicated Customer Support

Every client has an Account Manager who is trained to quickly resolve any issues that may arise. You can call on your Account Manager at anytime and their job is to support you 100%. You can also access senior management if need be.

Most office-based BPO companies have client support mechanism.

With Upwork Pro you receive dedicated customer support.

Support with Communication/ Cultural issues

Your dedicated Account Manager is available to you across phone, email, chat and Zoom teleconferencing. They are trained in identifying and solving Philippine/Western cultural and communication issues.

Office-based BPO companies have onboarding process in working with offshore clients.

Unless you are using Upwork Pro, you are alone in sorting out any communication/ cultural issues that may arise and affect productivity.

Dispute Resolution

You have a close relationship with your Account Manager who can usually pinpoint and resolve issues before they arise. If needed, disputes can be cascaded to upper management and are always dealt with swiftly.

Local BPOs have dedicated support teams to manage disputes raised by clients.

You have to cascade your issues upwards, usually in a large global business. Dispute resolution can take a long time. You are largely in the hands of someone who does not know you or understand your issues sufficiently.