Our Clients

Why Our Involvement Is Making
All The Difference For Our Clients

Thanks to advancements in technology and the rise of globalisation, over the last decade, the SME sector has joined the big corporations in leveraging outsourcing as a popular staffing strategy.

Hiring offshore staff as a cost-effective solution to resource problems is changing the SME sector around the world. Many businesses are taking advantage of these opportunities and approximately 25% of SME’s now outsource or will attempt to do so in the near future.

Many of these businesses recognise the safety in having a strategic partner on the ground that manages recruitment, cultural sensitivities, compliance and payroll, and who can make remote staffing a more viable solution for any business.

Today, it’s more crucial than ever to partner with an agency, like Remote Staff, who can improve the odds of your outsourcing success and manage your business affairs.

The Two Types Of Clients We Service

Small Business ($0 – $2 million)

Over the last 10 years, we’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of entrepreneurs. 60% of our clients are solo entrepreneurs around $0-2M turnover, with 1-10 employees. We have noticed that many of these businesses are under-resourced and that this issue is often the largest restraint for this segment.

By providing the appropriate offshore talent, we help them better deliver their service promise to their own clients. We have seen that this has made a world of difference to our clients’ bottom line and has opened up their opportunity to grow.

For our small business clients, we usually place 1-15 dedicated remote professionals who our clients can truly rely on.

Medium Business ($2 – $160 million)

40% of our clients are medium-sized businesses that are looking to cost-effectively take on the growth of the work they are experiencing.

They are looking to widen their scope and are seeking staffing solutions on how they can scale faster and more cost-effectively. Often we place teams either remotely or in our Manila CBD office.

Our larger clients expect their virtual staff to have the ability to collaborate and contribute, like a true extension of their team.