Remote Working Skills Development Program

Hiring a new offshore remote worker is unfamiliar territory for a lot of employers. Remote working can also feel entirely new to talents who’ve never done it before.

Thankfully, our 13 years of experience in hiring Filipino remote workers have equipped us with the expertise for facilitating long-term and mutually beneficial remote working relationships for everyone involved.

We’ve created the Remote Working Skills Development Program for this purpose.

Our training program, which can both employers and remote workers have access to, covers:

For Employers

  • Create a positive work culture where your remote team share a purpose and trust each other.
  • Plan your process and select tools and technology for effective communication.
  • Set goals, clarify expectations, and plan for achievement to prepare your remote team for success.
  • Foster collaboration and design opportunities for social interactions for higher engagement.
  • Earn their loyalty and respect by helping them grow professionally.

 For Remote Workers

  • How to effectively work remotely with non- Filipono client 
  • Understanding client expectations.
  • Using collaboration tools and exercising initiative.
  • How to understand your client’s culture and adapt to it.
  • Understanding Remote Staff’s platform and how it helps you to be more efficient while giving your employer peace of mind.
Client Review

“It was actually really easy [to find the person]. Within a week, Jenni [remote subcontractor] was up and running.”

“I really feel taken care of when I speak to Patricia [my account manager]. It’s really great to have that contact person that can go across whether for staff or internal that can assist with that.” –Mandy

Remote Worker Review

“To work while being with my family that’s the main reason. It’s difficult to find a carer for your son. I wanted to spend more time with him. Remote Staff helped me with my clients.” – She