Office Based Enterprise Solutions

  • 2 Internet Connections: 30mbps upload and download
  • Computer Equipment (Dell computer with 6-8GB RAM SSD 120GB Intel Core i5)
  • 24/7 Backup Power For Your Peace Of Mind
  • Manila CBD Prime Location, Close To Manila International Airport + Major Hotels
  • Access to 3 board rooms, 1 training room, 2 meeting rooms, 1 relaxation room + 2 cafeteria
  • On-the-ground IT support is available 24/7
  • Clean, Safe, Air-Conditioned Work Environment For Maximum Productivity
Office Fees
Per staff / Per month AUD NZD CAD USD GBP
1 shift-Monday to Friday (9 hours x 5 days) $250 $260 $220 $170 £130
Office Based Service Fee
Per staff / Per month $330 $360 $320 $250 £190
  • Staff wages, service and office fees are all itemised on invoices for staff placements in our office
  • 1,000 sqm. office in Makati CBD location, 200 seats available, 24/7
  • Custom fit out available for 2 small teams – sections 1 (up-to-14) and 2 (up-to-19) are available for custom fit for 24/7 utilisations only.
See Our Makati Office

Remote Staff Office

Why Makati CBD?

The Makati CBD is the Philippines’ leading financial and central business district. Many multinational corporations are headquartered within the city such as: Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and Accenture.


Because of the high costs associated with maintaining an office in the Makati CBD, other BPOs situate themselves outside it or in regional areas of the Philippines.


Our prime location means that we attract a more experienced talent pool of professionals who have graduated from some of the top schools, and those with international experience.


Thinking of visiting your team for training? Our office is close to Manila International Airport and all major hotels. We are only a 5-minute walk from the Shangri-La hotel in Makati.

We Have 4 Years Experience Running Our Own Company Remotely, And 6+ Years Experience In An Office

At Remote Staff we have a combined experience of 10 years of operating entirely remotely and in an office. This experience has given us firsthand knowledge and a deep understanding of both business models.


The following recommendations are based on both these experiences, coupled with the knowledge gained from working with over 2,000 clients who have outsourced to the Philippines and remotely hired 8,000+ staff.


We have found that in general, those managing teams of 1-15 have advantages of being home-based, whilst larger teams are better managed from our office.

What Staffing Solution Gives Your Business The Greatest Advantage?

Home Based Solution

(Ideal for teams 1-15)

Access to a nationwide talent pool
By hiring a home-based professional and outsourcing to the Philippines, you can access talent from any location in the country. We can recruit from all major cities and regional areas which vastly opens up your opportunity of finding the right remote worker at the right price.


Improved employee retention
With average commute duration in Manila of 1.5 hours each way, we have experienced greater retention rates with our home-based professionals. Better retention rates mean reduced onboarding and training times plus the benefits of a long-term working relationship.


Lower costs
Without the need for office space and other employee provisions, you can reduce your monthly overheads. Staff wages differ city-by-city and regional areas, so you also get skilled staff that are generally more cost-effective.


Individual staff productivity
We have witnessed high motivation, less stress, and fewer sick days with our home-based professionals.The absence of long commutes and office politics can further boost productivity. Productivity from individuals is better from home.


All-inclusive pricing
We offer a bundled payment method for home-based professionals. All our services are included in the staffs hourly rate for easy account management.

Office Solution

(Ideal for teams 1-100)

Increased knowledge sharing + training room facilities
The ability to address your team collectively speeds productivity up considerably. There’s deeper collaboration between team members and a standardisation of work. Onboarding new staff is easier. Training rooms are available so you can address your team as a whole.


Internet reliability
Our office operates 24/7, with 24-hour backup power – ensuring 100% uptime. With two ISP providers, our internet connectivity is secure and fast, ensuring that you will have a consistent and quality connectivity for those all important voice calls.


Business directives + work environment
An office environment lends itself to more of a professional atmosphere. In this setting, team members are less partial to distractions and the focus is centred around work. You are able to steer everyone in the same direction more easily.


Group Collaboration
When you need staff members to communicate with each other, it is so much more efficient from an office. Cross departmental synergies are more likely to come to fruition in this environment. The teams are all working together and working side-by-side.


Itemised transparent billing + price guarantee
For office-based staff, we issue a monthly invoice 30 days in advance. For full transparency, you can see itemised billing for staff wages, our service fee and office fee. Our office and service fees are the most competitive around; if you can find a better price, we will beat it by 50%.

Find all the staffing roles you need through one offshoring partner.
Secure a reliable staffing solution that works and lasts.
Slash your staffing costs by up-to 70%.
Hire the top quality staff for your business through our full service recruitment.
Enjoy our full range of ongoing support services including HR, IT, Compliance, and Payroll.

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