Jan 24

Today is National Compliment Day: How Recognition Can Help Your Business

Say someone from your team just delivered an excellent output, or exceeded your expectations; maybe went the extra mile, or was just consistently efficient? What would you do? Would you acknowledge their effort, or would you reward the person? Recognizing and acknowledging your employee’s hard work—whether they are office-based, or a virtual staff—will not only boost your team members’ confidence, it will also surely encourage them to further improve their performance.

Giving your staff compliments and recognition can also encourage your talented employees to stay and grow as a genuine team member of your company. According to the global analytics and advice firm, Gallup, “employees who don’t feel like they’re recognized for their work are twice as likely to say they will quit their jobs in the next year”. Furthermore, the 2016 ADP Employee Engagement Study—published by the global cloud-based human capital management solutions firm, ADP—found that “three out of five employees are more likely to stay with a company that…[recognizes] employee performance.”

Today is “National Compliment Day” and now is the perfect opportunity for you to give your staff the recognition they deserve. It doesn’t even have to cost you anything. Simply patting someone on the back, telling your staff that they did amazing, or giving them a small thank-you card is such a small-cost endeavor that can give both your staff and your business some truly amazing results.

Start by being genuine when recognizing the work and efforts of your employees. A recent study by Gallup found that “the most effective recognition [are those that are] honest [and] authentic.” People thrive off positive reinforcements. Having a boss sincerely praise staff when they’re doing an outstanding job can also create a positive and open workplace culture.

Be personal when giving positive reinforcement or complimenting someone’s work. Employers who have full-time virtual assistants would agree that it’s the little things that their VAs do every day that help make a difference in their business. It would not take much of your time to reach out to them to say “Great work!” personally. Increase engagement by letting your staff know how much you appreciate your work. Trust us, that would be more than enough to make someone’s day.

Be timely. Sometimes employers tend to overlook giving out compliments to their staff due to their busy schedules. But for an employee, knowing that their boss would take time out from their rigorous work just to give a simple commendation, makes the recognition all the more meaningful. It would not hurt to give this extra bit of morale boost to your staff.

Recognition can be a great key to keep the lifeblood of your company—your staff—happy. Meanwhile, the lack of validation through compliments and recognition can be demotivating. Apart from our ingenious remote staffing solutions that help companies hire virtual assistants in the Philippines –and which serves as an incentive for remote staff to be happier and work more efficiently—giving out compliments and recognizing efforts can also make a huge difference.

Are you excited to compliment your staff today?

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