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The Rise of Female Entrepreneurs Down Under

The Rise of Female Entrepreneurs Down Under

There are currently 7.9 billion people on the planet and women make up almost half of that number. However, despite the success of various women’s rights movements, the world has yet to achieve gender equality.

Women are natural multitaskers. How many of us balance our personal and professional lives amidst gender inequality and society’s unrealistic demands of us every day?

But we don’t just survive. Despite all these, we actually thrive.

In Australia, women own and manage a little more than one-third of business establishments in the country. Meanwhile, 12.1 percent of women in the workforce identify as self-employed.

Clearly, Australian women, especially entrepreneurs, are increasingly relevant to the economy Down Under.

Let’s take a closer look.

The Significance of Female Entrepreneurs

The Significance of Female Entrepreneurs

Men still own the majority of businesses around the world and continue to dominate several industries. Unfortunately, since most of them lack an intrinsic understanding of female-centric problems, there’s often a gap in the market for products and services that address such effectively.

Enter female entrepreneurs. For who can truly understand the needs of women more than their fellow women? As a result, innovation became more inclusive and half of the market responded quite favorably, judging by the business successes of the women involved.

Need an example? Just check out these successful Australian women entrepreneurs who’ve created multi-million (even billion) dollar businesses while benefiting people from all walks of life.

A Team Effort: Female Business Owners And Their Networks

A Team Effort Female Business Owners And Their Networks

They say that a bigger inclination towards cooperation and collaboration is typical of women-centric leadership. Given how the majority of Australian female entrepreneurs give credit to their networks (which unsurprisingly are composed of many women) for their success, this indeed seems to be the case.

Apparently, aside from being adept at multitasking, women are also master networkers by nature. This, along with their unique business ideas, makes them inherently formidable as entrepreneurs.

So, what makes women especially good at forming useful networks?

Women Are Supportive

Women Are Supportive

Providing advice, comfort, and support comes naturally to most women. We tend to be more empathetic and understanding of other people’s needs. Hence, many of us are likely support other women (or men) who are just starting out.

So, when women entrepreneurs launch their products and services, other women are inclined to support them.

And when the products and services are made by women for women, it’s a win-win.

Women Are Helpful

Women Are Helpful

Female business networks generally tend to engender the most supportive and financially rewarding environments. This largely has to do with women’s inclinations to contribute, improve, and enhance the lives of others.

Many women entrepreneurs often establish their businesses to solve problems, particularly female-centric ones. When a company’s products and services address their concerns to a T, women are more likely to support that brand.

Women Are Willing To Learn

Women Are Willing To Learn

Great leaders don’t stop learning. The same goes for many women entrepreneurs. In fact, there are many studies that show that male bosses have a lot to learn from their female counterparts. However, this willingness to learn isn’t really their main advantage.

What makes women truly great is their ability and willingness to teach others. Rather than keeping all the information to themselves, women are more likely to use it to help others.

Who wouldn’t want to be part of a network like that?

Women Are Community-Minded

Women Are Community-Minded

Most importantly, many female entrepreneurs aim to create inclusive communities. And when your main goal is to connect with a wider audience, that’s how you get great products – and bigger bucks.


Happy International Women’s Day!


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