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State-Based Grants For Queensland, Victoria, and NSW Start-Ups

State-Based Grants For Queensland, Victoria, and NSW Start-Ups

Australia has no shortage of start-up grants. We’ve already discussed quite a few of the most popular ones, as well as a handful of industry-specific programs.

However, many state and local governments also offer their own start-up grants as well. If your start-up is based in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria, you may want to consider the following, for instance.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: It helps to check the official websites of the governing bodies behind each grant. Some of the programs might currently be under review or temporarily suspended.)

New South Wales

Jobs for NSW administers these grants specifically for NSW-based start-ups. They’ve currently paused accepting new applications for this fiscal year, as of this writing, but you can email them to inquire about when they’ll start doing so again.

1.) MVP Grant.

1 MVP Grant

Available to early-stage start-ups who need enough revenue to generate a minimum viable product (MVP), this grant offers up to AU$25,000 per applicant. Applications are available the whole year-round. Interested applicants can submit theirs online, and the authorities take about eight weeks to process thereafter.

2.) Building Partnerships Grant.


This next-stage grant is for start-ups who’ve already managed to generate an MVP. Once they’re ready to take on customer acquisition projects, this grant offers up to AU$100,000 per applicant for that purpose.



This local government has no shortage of funding opportunities, but the most popular one is the Ignite Ideas Fund. Advance Queensland is the authority administering this grant, and it offers up to AU$200,000 per applicant.

Basically, this grant was designed to assist Queensland-based SME’s looking to commercialise their innovative product or process.

Currently, the fund already announced their recipients for the seventh funding round. You can register for their newsletter on the website, however, for updates on future funding opportunities. Alternatively, you can also follow them on social media.



Initially, the LaunchVic Funding Rounds were Victoria’s most popular start-up grant initiatives. Under the program, Victorian start-ups could claim up to AU$250,000 to scale their businesses. They made the guidelines as vague as possible to attract “out of the box” ideas from diverse SME’s. However, this funding opportunity is currently inactive.

So, right now, another option is the City of Melbourne Small Business Grants. This offers start-ups based in Melbourne’s CBD up to AU$30,000 to expand, export, or launch their businesses.

With all of the grants available to start-ups Down Under, you might be wondering where you should start. The good news, though, is you can actually delegate the research to someone else.

Start-up founders already have their hands full trying to get their business off the ground. While grants can provide them with some much-needed cash flow, applying for these can be a full-time job. Why not outsource the research, number-crunching, and documentation to a capable virtual assistant (or two)?

Remote Staff happens to have a rich talent pool of Filipino remote workers who can assist you in just about any role you require. We also have more than ten years of experience in recruiting and onboarding top Filipino talent who’ve been quietly and capably helping various AU entrepreneurs scale their businesses. Some of them began as start-ups, just like you.

Give us a call or schedule a callback today and let’s talk about how we can help you.

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