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Six Environmentally-Friendly AU Start-Ups to Look Out For

Six Environmentally-Friendly AU Start-Ups to Look Out For

Australia is one of the most biologically diverse countries on the planet. It’s home to some of the most interesting species of flora and fauna, and the variety of wildlife that abound is breathtaking.

I mean, come on, where else would Steve Irwin have become such an icon?

Best of all, many conscientious travelers are drawn Down Under because of sustainable tourism. Lots of popular attractions here have programs for managing environmental and societal impacts.

Thus, it’s hardly surprising that quite a few start-ups have taken it upon themselves to look after the environment. In honor of Earth Day, here are half a dozen of the most promising ones:

1.) EdgePledge.


Over 20% of Australia’s wildlife falls under the “threatened” category. EdgePledge’s founders thus came up with a new model to raise money for the cause.

Basically, everyone who wishes to pledge signs up and chooses from three challenges provided by the start-up. (They can also get their family and friends to do the same.) To raise funds, they have to complete the challenge with the most number of votes.

The resulting funds then go towards aid for wildlife species facing extinction.

2.) Hive Haven.

Hive Haven

Image Credit: Facebook

This start-up is another wildlife-inspired project, and the beneficiary’s not quite as exotic (but no less important).

Hive Haven started when Ann and Jeff Ross found a beehive in their workshop. Rather than calling the exterminator, they just lured the bees into a box and made their own honey.

They’ve since branched out into designing environmentally friendly beehive boxes. Their address some of the most common beekeeping problems. These include temperature control and small hive beetle and spore-based disease.

So, Hive Haven isn’t just making great honey. They’re also helping to preserve a species that’s becoming increasingly (and alarmingly) endangered.

3.) MyGreenWorld.


How does playing games help preserve wildlife? Just ask Natalie Kyriacou.

The founding director of MyGreenWorld recently designed and produced “World of the Wild.” It’s an app that allows gamers to build their own wildlife sanctuary and to rescue, feed, and provide medical care for its inhabitants. There are also educational pop quizzes about some of the world’s most endangered species.

Through this app, Kyriacou hopes to pass on her ideas and advocacy for wildlife conservation.

4.) NatureMapr.


Everyone knows about endangered animals, but few think about their plant counterparts.

Aaron Clausen is an active bushwalker who developed NatureMapr to remedy that. His online platform allows users around the world to record and view endangered plants (and animals) they come across.

Eventually, ACT government conservation officers noticed the app. They’ve since shared it around, and it’s been gaining traction.

5.) Pollinate Energy.

Pollinate Energy

Image Credit:

Alexie Seller, Pollinate Energy’s business developer, aims to help countries that struggle with a reliable energy supply. Apart from supplying innovative clean energy solutions, they also enable locals to become energy entrepreneurs. This, in turn, benefits both the individual and his/her community.

Pollinate Energy’s recently made waves in India, for instance. Though the country ranks 10th on the list of the world’s largest GDP’s, many people there still don’t have access to energy for essentials like cooking and lighting.

6.) Sustain Me.

Sustain Me

Have you ever wondered if something is recyclable or not? A lot of us often deal with this problem while sorting out our rubbish, yes?

Stephen Halpi, a dedicated recycling machine and Sustain Me’s co-founder, thought so too. So, Sustain Me thus helps its users make the right choices about what they can and can’t recycle. This way, more people can practice proper waste disposal.

Running a start-up is already challenging enough. Doing that while actively pushing for an advocacy like environmental awareness is a completely different animal. We haven’t even talked about the challenges that limited funding brings.

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