IT Outsourcing: Everything You Need To Know – 2:25 Min. Read

IT Outsourcing: Everything You Need To Know – 2:25 Min. Read Remote Staff
IT Outsourcing: Everything You Need To Know – 2:25 Min. Read
Welcome to our 3-part series on IT outsourcing. With nearly 20 years of IT outsourcing recruitment experience, our Chief Operating Officer Lance shares his wealth of knowledge.

Listen to what Lance has to say:


Can you tell us a little about yourself and your experience in IT outsourcing recruitment?

Hello, my name is Lance and I am the Chief Operating Officer of Remote Staff. My background is in engineering and in IT. My first career was as an engineer; I was educated and trained in the UK and worked throughout the world, also spending a lot of time in the US and Australia, moving into recruitment back in the late nineties.

What are the three main reasons why businesses decide to give IT outsourcing a try?

The three main reasons why businesses decide to outsource IT roles are money for one, saving money because the cost of labor or skills in first-world countries such as the Australia, UK, US, and Canada is very high.

The second reason for IT outsourcing is the availability of staff in their local countries. There is a skill shortage particularly in IT so the availability of staff there is another reason why people outsource.

The third reason is the flexibility of working hours. Here at Remote Staff, we provide two options: the part-time option which is 20 hours a week and the full-time option which is 40 hours a week. It gives clients, particularly small businesses, the option to hire people from us, working remotely in IT, on a part-time basis rather than being committed to a full-time role.

What are the risks and rewards of outsourcing IT roles?

Lance Remote Staff Recruitment Director

Lance – Remote Staff Recruitment Director

The risks involved in IT outsourcing are mostly to do with availability and access to the staff. If you’re working with somebody remotely, be there in the Philippines or elsewhere, then you do have that distance and sometimes even a delay in time.

So nowadays, that risk is mitigated a little bit more by the fact that there are technologies for collaboration, and then messaging and even telephony are of high quality these days.

The other risk of IT outsourcing pertains to cultural differences with the person or the country that you are outsourcing to.

The Philippines has a culture that is closely similar to that of the US because they have been heavily influenced by the Americans, but they are also attuned to the attitudes of people from Australia and the UK making them easily adaptable to Western practices.

The rewards or benefits that come from outsourcing IT roles include high productivity and of course you will be getting the skills that you need. Although it is important that you be patient with any staff that you bring on board; above and beyond the red flags that may occur in any kind of employment. But if the person has the skills and is willing to commit himself it may take a longer time than usual if you are taking in someone locally.

The other rewards of IT outsourcing aside from availability and access to skills include cost savings and ease of recruitment. Especially when it comes to a company like ours, we outsource staff from the Philippines and provide you with a list of potential candidates based on your specific requirements.

We also have thousands of pre-screened candidates that you can choose from and we offer 24-hour staff replacements when need be. So you always have a backup with Remote Staff. So that’s definitely a bonus, a great advantage if you want to outsource yet minimize your risks.

We will be there all the way through that journey with you to make sure that everything works out.



Coming soon: IT Outsourcing Part 2.

You’ll find out about the best types of IT roles to outsource, the roles that don’t suit outsourcing and gain access to an in-depth discussion on our recruiting process and team.


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