How to Effectively Manage Remote Teams

Effective management and leadership is a vital element in any business, but being a manager is not an easy job. Especially when you’re outsourcing to the Philippines where the time zones with be drastically different.

Whether you’re working with a fully-remote team or not, life won’t take it easy on you. It can be both stressful for the manager and for the team. One of the biggest responsibilities of a remote manager is to get their team on board with them. Unclear plans and goals will lead the team to other places, making their efforts on the work they put out useless. Not only that, but it’ll also affect other tasks leaving a massive train wreck.

Is it avoidable? Can we help you avoid it? We sure can! These tips in managing frustrations as a remote manager might come in handy

Be an interactive leader

Be an effective motivator for your remote team. Give them daily pep talks and make time for small talks with them. Nothing beats communication. Time and time again, we at Remote Staff emphasize the importance of building rapport with your remote team. Working with a bunch of emojis and email addresses might feel strange in the long run. Group chats simply won’t cut it either. This is why most remote managers who are outsourcing to the Philippines, make use of video calls. Conducting meetings through video calls can serve dual purposes for a remote team. Not only do you get to talk about business matters, but you also get to bond with them and ensure that everyone stays in the tune with what’s going on while you’re at it. Make them feel that they’re a part of a team and help prevent feelings of isolation that may arise if they’re not managed properly.

Working with a remote team does not mean you have to stick with group chats and video calls. In-person interactions with the team would be very beneficial. Set meetings in-person with the team at least once a year. This is another way to grow more as a team and reinforce the relationship that you have with one another. Creating special memories as a remote team can make them more motivated in doing collaborative tasks, knowing that they’re working with, not just co-workers, but friends.

Remote Mentoring

For a remote worker, the switch from working in a conventional office environment to a remote work environment feels like stepping into another dimension. It is important that you help them get accustomed to the remote work setup. Recognize that your remote employees need help and give it to them! Help and teach them how to do complicated tasks more effectively. Investing time to provide comprehensive and effective training can pay off for your business in both tangible and intangible ways. Mentoring your remote staff can increase their performance efficiency and are less likely to make costly errors that can surely result in decreased revenue. This will surely make outsourcing to the Philippines worth it even more!

Organize schedules

Having great time management skills is not an unknown secret of great managers. Time is indeed gold! Being a manager that is outsourcing to the Philippines, it is a big necessity to put things in order to reduce frustrations for everyone.

Most remote managers have to deal with phone calls during work. Let your team know that you are only available at certain times. Planning out a schedule for calls and video conferencing will help you maintain your productivity and have things in order the way it should be.

It may take some time to get used to trying new methods for effective managing. It won’t always be sunshine and rainbows! Fewer challenges mean less growth and experience for you as a professional. We would love to help you become a smart and effective manager for your remote team!


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