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Four Ways To Establish Discipline While Working In a Remote Environment

Four Ways To Establish Discipline While Working In a Remote Environment

When you’re working from home, the temptation to sleep in is always present. You don’t need to dress formally and beat rush hour, for one. No need to line up in overcrowded coffee shops too.

Truly, remote work has eliminated work-related stressors like heavy traffic and office politics. However, it isn’t without its own challenges, namely distractions.

Maintaining healthy barriers between your personal and professional life can be tricky too. Who among us hasn’t had to do chores while running a meeting? How about trying to soothe a crying baby or toddler just as a VIP client decides to initiate a video call?

Fortunately, separating the “work” from the home isn’t impossible. In fact, it’s already been proven that with proper planning and discipline, remote work is beneficial for both employers and employees alike.

All it takes is a little discipline, and here are four ways to cultivate that.

Have a Regular Schedule

Have a Regular Schedule

Nothing beats creating an effective schedule AND sticking to it. The lack of structure often results in losing control of the day or being swept up in tasks. When you don’t keep track of your appointments, you’re bound to overlook one or two.

Hence, instead of setting meetings on random dates, why not set aside fixed days for them? For example, you can allot Fridays for team building, Mondays for client meetings, and Wednesdays for casual consultations or even troubleshooting.

As a bonus, this sort of schedule is also easier to remember – and stick to.

Take Short Breaks

Take Short Breaks

Time is money. Any entrepreneur would want to spend every minute developing products, training staff, or landing new customers, right? However, working 24/7 can actually be counterproductive to your long-term goals.

This is because overworking can lead to fatigue. After all, you are only human. If you keep overextending yourself, there’s a huge chance that your body will suffer. So, it’s important not just to be disciplined at work, but also in stepping away from your computer for at least 15 minutes every two hours.

End Work on Time

End Work on Time

I know, I know. This is easier said than done, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. When you own the company, there are no fixed hours. Sometimes, you end up answering emails way past working hours. However, it is important to try and keep your boundaries.

If you can’t turn off your phone, at least stay off it when you’re having dinner with your family. Your employees will also appreciate it if you don’t often contact them beyond their working hours. That way, work-life balance goes both ways.

Plan For the Next Day

Plan For the Next Day

Right before you turn in, visualise what you need to do the next day. Will you reach out to a potential client? Are you meeting your team leaders for updates? Should you start looking into hiring new remote workers?

Whatever these may be, always plan ahead and list down your tasks. This will help you become more organised and prepared to face each day with renewed wisdom and enthusiasm – and achieve better results while you’re at it.


So, what do all of these have to do with workplace discipline? Well, the foundation of good discipline lies in good habits, and these suggested tasks can help you build those, especially on days when they’re the last thing you’d want to do.

And remember, employees tend to emulate their leaders, consciously or otherwise. If you want them to exhibit good workplace discipline, it should start with you.


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