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Five Ways to Celebrate the Holidays With Your Remote Work Force

Year-end parties are a great way to reward your team, and to get them to unwind and bond with each other too. They provide a festive atmosphere where everyone can get to know people from other departments.

For some, the fun actually begins as they help prepare the program, theme, and decorations.

However, many companies this year are still foregoing the traditional office parties. We’re still in the midst of a pandemic, after all. But that doesn’t have to stop us from celebrating the previous year as a team – even from afar.

Granted, celebrating the holidays as a remote team can be challenging. But thanks to technology, there are many virtual activities that can make your remote workers feel part of the celebration despite the miles between you.

The following are just a few suggestions to help spice up your company’s virtual Christmas party this year:

Organise a Virtual Decorating Contest

Virtual Decorating Contest

Do you miss decorating the office with red and green streamers? How about putting up the company Christmas tree? Well, guess what? It’s still possible to do all these things virtually!

Aside from requesting your remote staff to attend the virtual party in costume, why not ask them to decorate their background as well? You can also host a contest where your employees can share videos and photos of their trees, lanterns, miniature Christmas villages, or other decorations at home.

Make it extra fun by letting everyone vote for which decorations are the best. And don’t forget to give out prizes too!

Receive Gifts From Secret Santa

Receive Gifts From Secret Santa

A Christmas party isn’t complete without a Secret Santa gift exchange. Although we can’t do this traditionally at the moment, it’s still possible to do it over the internet.

But instead of the traditional mugs or chocolates, think of interesting gifts that can be shared (and will be appreciated) online. Think charity donations, electronic gift cards, event tickets, or even time off work!

Just enter your team members’ names into the Secret Santa Generator and then they’ll all get a notification! Cool, huh?

Have a Themed-Chat Channel

christmas themed chat Falling snow, gift emojis, or a Santa-themed background – the works. Let your holiday spirit burst forth as you customise your work chat channel.

Ask your graphic designer for some creative themes that everyone can use even weeks before your Christmas party. Imagine having virtual snow falling in the background while you chat on the company channel. That’s one way to get into the holiday spirit – even if it doesn’t even snow during Christmas Down Under.

If you don’t have a themed chat or a graphic designer yet, you may want to consider hiring one this season. *wink* *wink*

Create a Holiday Playlist

Create a Holiday Playlist

What’s a (virtual) party without a rockin’ playlist? With virtual parties, you can even get team members to pitch in and add their favorite song to the company’s holiday playlist!

Just create a playlist on Spotify or Youtube and share the link to your remote employees! Best of all, since we’re all working from home, they can stream the playlist any time for a bit of holiday spirit.

Send Out Gift Boxes

receiving gifts from client

There are so many cool things on the internet, especially during holidays and special events. Online shops have made it possible to deliver flowers and gifts to your loved ones – even if they live on the other side of the world.

Thus, you can order gift boxes online and have these delivered right to each remote team member’s doorstep. Personalised stationeries, pre-packaged snacks, or small electronic accessories like phone stands, earbuds, and personalised chargers are just a few of the nifty gifts you can get online.

Just visit some gift shops that offer delivery to different countries: pick what you like, type in the receiver’s address, and make the payment. Easy-peasy.

Better yet, visit online shops that are already based in your recipient’s country to cut down on delivery costs.

We have been celebrating the holiday season during #TheNewNormal for two years now. It has been challenging, but we’d like to believe that the spirit of Christmas is still alive and well regardless.

RemoteStaff has been assisting Australian entrepreneurs like you make the most of remote work with skilled remote workers from the Philippines for the last 14 years and counting. So if you need a virtual assistant to help with sending gifts to your remote teams or planning your virtual holiday party, we’ve got you covered.

Call us today or schedule a call back and let’s get started.

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