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Doug Fletcher of Atlas People Pty Ltd on Outsourcing with Remote Staff

Doug has been a client of Remote Staff since June 3, 2014. As the Company Director of Atlas People Pty Ltd, offering diverse recruitment services to industries including Hospitality, Manufacturing, Government, Mining & Resources, Construction, Banking & Finance, and Accounting sectors. Leading to be one of the most successful recruitment consultancy companies specializing within particular niche industries, catering to employers and employees across all Regional & Remote areas of Australia.

Initially partnering with Remote Staff in 2014, Doug has hired two (2) Virtual Assistants (Customer Service) and has now grown to 7 staff members: 1-Data Entry Specialists, 1-Database Administrator, and 5-Virtual Assistants (Customer Service), respectively. His most senior offshore staff, Paul Ryan Santos, is still connected with the business and has been working for him for over 4 years. Now, the Company Director plans to expand his business to the New Zealand Region.

Among his 4-year partnership with Remote Staff, Doug has only visited Manila twice to meet with his staff. One was in March 2016 and his most recent visit was on October 4-7, 2018.

As an employer, Doug would always watch out for the welfare of his staff and treats his offshore staff in the same manner that he does with his in-house employees. One contributing factor to Doug’s excellent management is the regular skype meetings/video calls with their offshore staff of at least thrice daily. This is usually scheduled at the start of their shift, midday, and in the afternoon. He makes it a point to join the daily meetings to speak with their offshore staff whenever he is at the office, although with a designated Point Of Contact in his absence.

As an offshore partner, Doug would only seek the assistance of the Remote Staff Account Manager when he has concerns about his offshore staff, including attendance and performance. He also connects with the Account Manager whenever he needs an update on the situation of his staff in case of calamities in the Philippines, like severe weather conditions or when the staff has a family situation.

Let us hear more of Doug’s experience with Remote Staff in this short video. Providing tips to those who want to try outsourcing in the Philippines and partnering with Remote Staff.


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