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5 Fun and Easy Team Building Activities for Your Remote Staff

5 Fun and Easy Team Building Activities for Your Remote Staff

Team building games are a great way to get management and staff to connect and work together better.

However, it’s one thing to build camaraderie between employees when they’re all working in the same building every day. But what if your team is on a different continent thousands of miles away? How do you build personal connections with team members online?

Here are some activities that will help you make the most of virtual meetings and happy hours to strengthen the bonds of your outsourced team from the Philippines without getting hokey or awkward:

1. Online Charades

Break the ice during video conferences with a quick game of charades. Each team member takes turns imitating an action or subject that the rest of the team has to figure out. It will have everyone working together, solving problems, and having fun along the way.

2. Virtual Tour

Use your laptop webcam to give your Filipino virtual assistant a tour of your office. Have a walk around your workspace, show off your desk, your dog, your building, your neighborhood, or even famous landmarks nearby. Then have them do the same.

3. Office Makeover

Expand the virtual office tour into a workspace decorating contest. This can be physical (office desk), or virtual (desktop). Have a closing date and time to the contest. Post photos to a shared space and take a poll.

4. Shoot The Breeze

Every now and then, Skype calls one of your virtual assistants from the Philippines to talk only about non-work matters. Chat about movies or upcoming vacation plans. If time zone difference isn’t an issue, expand this to virtual coffee chats or virtual happy hours.

5. Get Social

Make use of all the social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Make clear that these platforms are only for non-work-related discussions to encourage light chats and sharing of personal comments.

Surprisingly, 65% of outsourced staff report that they’ve never had a team building session. The virtual team building activities outlined above will help make the seemingly impossible task of getting and keeping remote employees bonded, leading to better productivity and increased success for your business.

If you want to know more about how Remote Staff supports clients and their staff alike to establish, strengthen, and grow lasting remote working relationships, click on the button below and let’s talk.

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