8 Things You Need To Know About Remote Staff’s Payment Terms

1.  Guaranteed Wages

In the remote staffing landscape, by guaranteeing pay we can attract a higher-calibre professional for you and are able to engage those who will be 100% committed to your business. It helps us be in a stronger position to keep your staff accountable and helps build a lasting relationship that is built on trust.

2.  No Work, No Pay

If your staff member does not work, due to any reason, you will not be charged from your running credit balance with Remote Staff. You only pay for the hours of proven work and are only charged for the hours where your staff members are logged into our remote working platform.


Holiday and sick leaves are paid at your discretion.

3.  Question Working Hours

Before the end of the month and prior to payroll being issued, you have the ability to question any working hours. If you feel things were not right and productivity isn’t where it should be, you can contact your Account Manager who will take a deeper look at things. We will suspend pay and investigate, then validate if they were working on work-related activities. These issues are usually resolved within 2 weeks.

4.  100% Refund Guarantee On Unconsumed Hours

Any unconsumed credit is rolled over at the end of the month. However, at your request we can refund any unconsumed credit within two weeks.

5.  Payroll for your remote staff

Managing payroll in any country involves a time-consuming process requiring registration with multiple government agencies and multiple payments, to multiple parties. We simplify things by taking care of payroll for you.


We pay your staff in Peso, their local currency, directly into their Philippine bank account at the start of every month.

6.  Currency Adjustments

Currency rates are fixed in your service agreement upon hire of a remote professional. As currencies fluctuate over the month and years ahead, a debit or credit is applied to your invoices.

7.  Accepted Payment Methods


We apply GST as a separate item on our invoices for all invoices paid in AUD. You can pay by EFT or credit card. We accept AMEX, Visa and Mastercard.


You can pay by EFT or credit card in USD or GBP. We accept Visa or Mastercard.


For Paypal, we accept AUD or USD.

8.  Our Billing Cycle

A working month can range between 21 -23 days in the month. Our system sets every month at 22 days. Any overtime/undertime is adjusted in the following months invoice for advanced monthly billing and for Pay-As-You-Go, adjustments are made at the end of every week.


If you are hiring remote staff you will be set up on Pre-Paid payment terms. Our fees are conveniently included in the hourly rate of your contractor. You never pay for hours not worked and sick leave/holiday pay are at your discretion.


Your Pre-Paid account offers you the greatest flexibility in taking care of your wages. You can choose to prepay either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


For easy cash management and an accurate picture of where your balance is, your running credit is charged in real-time at the end of each working day. At the end of every week, adjustments are made based on any differentials such as overtime or days not worked by your contractor.


If you are running out of credit, we will notify you in plenty of time. Please note, if you run out of credit, your remote staff will not be able to work.

Advanced Monthly Billing

There are two versions of Advanced Monthly Billing:


For those with Remote Teams


If you are managing more than 3 remote staff, you will be set up on Advanced Monthly Billing. Advanced Monthly Billing serves like vendor financing. It’s designed so your account is easy to reconcile on a monthly basis.


For those in the office


You’ll receive an itemised monthly invoice indicating staff wages, office fees and our small fixed service fee. As the working days per month vary, any adjustments such as sick leave/days not worked/approved overtime are carried over and applied to the following month.
Once your invoice is issued, you are given 5 days. As payment of invoices are directly linked to your staff wages, any delays can result in the suspension of your working relationship.

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