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AUD $11.41/Hr

Joener - Web Developer, Ruby on Rails Developer - Remote Staff


Staff ID #95721


Available Time Zone: US

Recruiter's Comments and Notes

  1. Joener got 8 years of professional experience Web Developer experience for 6 years PHP experience for 6 years 6 years%u2019 experience in HTML 6 years%u2019 experience in Apache AJAX experience for 6 years Javascript and CSS experience for 6 years MySQL experience for 6 years 3 years%u2019 experience in Windows Vista 4 years%u2019 experience in XP 3 years%u2019 experience in Windows 2000/NT UNIX/Linux experience for 3 years JSON experience for 4 years CRM experience for 4 years Adobe/ illustrator experience for 5years
  2. Joener holds a degree B.S. Math, Major in Computer Science at Far Eastern University
  3. Joener got average communication skills. Got a high level of personal morals and integrity A goal oriented and self-motivated person Works in an open manner, shares information with others to get the job done Contributes to a positive work environment Demonstrates flexibility by adapting to changes Maintains currency on level of professional/Technical knowledge
  4. He now has 4 years of Ruby on Rails experience.

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