Managing Outsourcing to the Philippines – 2:40 Min. Read

Outsourcing to the Philippines does offer a ton of benefits for the international employer. For one, Filipinos are easy to work with and offer quality professional services. They are also well-versed in the English language making communication easy. But how do you manage outsourcing to the Philippines?

The Risks of BPO Outsourcing in the Philippines – 1:45 Min. Read

The BPO industry in the Philippines provides businesses with the opportunity to lower their costs while boosting their performance. But of course, risks are always involved. We outlined some of the common problems faced by business owners, and how we at Remote Staff, mitigate your risk.

Virtual Secretary and Outsourced Services for Authors – 2:17 Min. Read

Authors now can easily set up blogs or websites, as well as social media accounts, where they can establish their readership and reach out to agents and publishers. But working on these things takes time away from their writing and this is why having a reliable virtual secretary can make a huge difference!