Workspace That Grows With Your Business

Get An Office In An Instant Without The Fixed Overhead

  • Fully meets international standards, high-quality equipment
  • Reliable technology and infrastructure with 'plug-and-play' contactors
  • 1.2 meter x 0.6 m desk space and chair
  • 30Mbps upload and download internet access
  • Centrally located in the vibrant CBD of Makati/Manila
  • Operates 24/7 with 24-hour backup power
  • Access to 4 X boardrooms, training rooms, 3 X break rooms, canteen + toilets
  • Close to Manila International Airport
8 Reasons An Office Solution Might Be Right For You

No Red Tape

Did you know that to lease office space in Manila, you need to be an inc. corporation? And to become an inc. corporation in the Philippines, you need to navigate your way through 12 procedures.

And once you have established your corporate identity, getting a lease means dealing with 7 different government departments (all paper-based) and dealing with the headache of the yearly renewal of multiple certificates and licenses. Fixed lease agreements are also very long (five to eight years) and often have very unreasonable terms.

Far Less Hurdles

When you partner with us, a PEZA-certified company, you insulate yourself against many expensive and time-consuming Filipino business complexities, such as government corruption and a questionable pro-labor legal system.

And whilst labour is comparatively low-cost, renting office space and buying equipment is not. Office expenses can be quite substantial but we’ve made these investments for your benefit.

Get Started Fast

Gone are the days when business owners needed to build their offices from the ground up, spending time finding locations, purchasing all of the necessary equipment and taking on utility bills, cleaning and maintenance staff.

An entire office can just be a phone call away.

Flexibility/No Long-Term Commitment

With no lock-in contracts, we can provide your business with a high level of flexibility, such as the ability to request additional/less office space on short notice.

Through our co-working space, we can offer you an office solution at a significantly reduced cost.

Collaboration + Faster Onboarding and Training

Having your team on site means that you can address your staff as a collective. Through the use of our IT platform and training rooms, we have seen onboarding times reduced.

And if you are planning on setting up multiple departments, an office solution will provide you with better cross-departmental synergy.

Reliable IT Infrastructure

Our Manila head office operates 24/7, with 24-hour backup power – ensuring 100% uptime. With two ISP providers, our connectivity is secure and lightning fast; 30Mbps upload and download internet speeds for crystal clear voice calls and uninterrupted work.

Utilise Time Zones

Your remote staff team can work to your time zones. And by utilising different time zones and taking advantage of Filipino night shifts, businesses can optimise operations significantly.

Business Support is Available

Your remote staff team will be fully-supported when working in our office. We have supervisors and technical support personnel readily available if problems arise.

We are committed to your business and taking care of your team. If your team works the night-shift, there will always be a night manager on hand.

Office Or Home-Based?

The following insights are based on our experience working with over 2,000 clients who have remotely hired nearly 7,000 staff over the last 9 years.

In general, we have found that teams of 10+, do perform better in an office solution, where 1-10 function well being home-based.

Advantages of a office solution:

Increased knowledge sharing and collaboration

For larger teams, having everyone in the same office brings a multitude of benefits.

Secure office internet reliability

Although we vet the quality of our home-based professionals’ internet and the computers they use, there’s nothing we can do to guarantee that their internet and power connections remain working 24/7.

More effective training

The ability to address your managers and team speeds processes up considerably. You will have access to our training rooms and will be able to easily communicate with your team as a collective.

Business direction

With a large workforce operating virtually, having your team on-site means you can help boost collaboration and ensure everyone is working in the same direction.

Training will be easier to facilitate and any necessary changes in your operations can be acted upon quickly.

Business direction

With a large workforce operating virtually, having your team on-site means you can help boost collaboration and ensure everyone is working in the same direction. Training will be easier to facilitate and any necessary changes in your operations can be acted upon quickly.

Managerial expertise

Although the the BPO industry has exploded in the Philippines in recent years, we have found that there is still a lack of experienced managers available will a suitable skill base. Being based in Makati, seasoned professionals with relevant experience can be accessed, to manage your remote team.

Advantages of a home-based solution:

Access to a nationwide talent pool

By hiring a home-based professional, you will have access to talent from all over the Philippines. We can recruit from all major cities and regional areas to find you a quality hire.

Improved employee retention

With average commute times in Manila of 1.5 hours each way, we have experienced greater retention rates with our home-based professionals.

For you, better retention rates means reduced onboarding and training times plus the benefits of a long-term working relationship.

Lower costs

Without the need for office space and other employee provisions, you can reduce your monthly overheads by only having to pay staff wages and our service fee. Zero office costs? Not bad.

Great productivity

We have witnessed high motivation, less stress, and fewer sick days with our home-based professionals.The absence of long commutes and office politics can further boost productivity.

Less red tape

If you set up your own office in the Philippines it can be a lengthy, complex and costly option. You will need to set up a corporate identity and pay corporate tax, payroll and comply with local labour laws.

Why Makati CBD?

The Makati CBD is the Philippines' leading financial and central business district. Many multinational corporations are headquartered within the city such as: Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and Accenture.

Our prime location means that we attract a better talent pool with professionals who have graduated from some of the top schools, or those with international experience.

"The most important thing for me is that Remote Staff is full-service, I know there is going to be an IT guy here, a staffing consultant and a manager to liaise with the team. You can almost close your eyes and not have to worry about it. And it’s that level of service that really shines through and is what we're after as a client."


Operations Manager

Financial Sector

Remote Staff Client since 2012

Office team: 60 Telemarketers + 4 Chat Support

Utilizes night shifts to maximise UK/AU time zones

Office lease and details
Office fees
Per staff/monthAUD($)USD($)GBP(£)
1 shift-Monday to Friday
(9 hours x 5 days)
Unlimited shift
(24 hours x 7 days)
120 seats available in the Australian time zone shift
200 seats available in the USA and UK time zone shift

Main office space

14 seats available for custom-fit private office space

19 seats available for custom-fit private office space

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